The 500 lb Ice Machine: A Great Option for Small Businesses

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The KM-520 crescent ice maker is 22″ wide and 28″ high making it a great space saving option for any business

Many small-to-mid-sized businesses in Kansas and Missouri need a daily ice supply to operate, but also have limited space for commercial ice equipment. The 500 lb ice machine has been a favorite in small businesses because they produce a moderate amount of ice and don’t take up a large footprint. 500 lb. ice machines come in a range of different models and ice types.

We show you the most common sized businesses that get the most out of a 500 lb commercial ice maker.

What Kind of Businesses Benefit from a 500 lb. Ice Machine?

There are many businesses in Kansas and Missouri that rely on a 500 lb. ice maker to deliver their daily ice needs. Businesses don’t just use ice for drinks, some need ice for food prep, product displays, bar wells, and more. If you run a business in Kansas or Missouri that uses ice for these purposes, it’s important to properly size your ice machine. Here are some business scenarios where a 500 lb. ice machine is perfectly suited:

  • Small restaurants that serve around 250 customers a day
  • Cafeterias that serve around 250 customers a day
  • Cocktail bars that serve around 100 customers a day
  • Construction companies that go through 10-12 5-gallon coolers a day
  • Hotels or motels with 80 rooms or less

We Have Affordable Ice Machines in Any Size!

Our ice machine rentals come with 500 lb ice machines and larger. We include preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs – for a low monthly payment!

Hoshizaki 500 lb. Ice Machines

By and far, KM-series Hoshizaki ice maker is their most popular model. These machines produce Hoshizaki crescent ice, which is a great, all-around ice cube for a multitude of industries. These cubes are clear and slow melting, so they won’t dilute the flavor of drinks.

The KM-520MAJ ice machine is a popular 500 lb ice machine from Hoshizaki. This machine can produce up to 556 lbs of crescent ice daily. The KM-520 also comes in water cooled and remote cooled ice machine models.

Kansas and Missouri whiskey and cocktail bars prefer a solid, square cube for their drinks. Hoshizaki’s IM-500SAA ice machine produces large, 1-inch square ice perfect for cocktails. Hoshizaki square ice uses only the clearest water, so ice stays crystal clear and won’t affect the taste of cocktails. The cubes are large enough that they won’t water down drinks.

Manitowoc 500 lb. Ice Machines

Manitowoc ice machines also come in many 500 lb ice machine modes. These machines are some of the most energy-efficient units on the market. Manitowoc’s NXT ice machine series includes new digital touchscreen technology that alerts users to issues within the unit and can even notify them when ice machine service is due.

Manitowoc ice makers are known for easy serviceability, so service calls and repairs will take less time – so you can get back to serving your customers.

There are three types of ice Manitowoc NXT ice machines produce: half-dice ice, dice ice, and regular ice.

Half-dice ice is an excellent choice for restaurant and bar ice machines. The cubes are narrow, so more ice can fit into a glass, making drinks appear fuller.

Dice ice is twice as wide as half-dice ice. These ice cubes are about the size of a 6-sided die, making them a perfect choice for all types of beverages. Their size means soft drinks stay cool and quality cocktails won’t lose their flavor.

Regular Ice is the largest ice cube Manitowoc ice machines produce. These cubes best suited for high-end spirits and cocktails. Their large size keeps drinks cool without watering them down, much like Hoshizaki square cube.

The NXT series includes the 500 lb. ice machine model IYT-0500A. This machine produces up to 550 lbs of half-dice ice. You can also get this size machine in Dice ice and Regular ice models.

Need a 500 lb. Ice Machine for Your Business?

With one of the largest ice machine supplies in Kansas or Missouri, Ice-Masters is ready to serve all your business’s ice needs. We have the best commercial ice machines from Hoshizaki and Manitowoc. Buy an ice machine or opt for our all-inclusive ice machine lease program. Our 500 lb. ice makers stay efficient with biannual preventive maintenance and cleaning. If there is ever a problem with the machine, we’ll fix it for no additional charge. Everything is included in a low, monthly cost.

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