The Dirty Ice Maker: Keeping your Customers and Staff Safe

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Dirty Ice Maker

Many people don’t think of ice as a potential health safety issue. However, ice is considered a food according to the FDA, so a dirty ice maker can lead to big code violations in both Kansas and Missouri. This means that there needs to be the same consideration for ice that there is for food when it comes to contamination and safety.  Learn how to keep your ice machine as clean as possible and avoid a dirty, contaminated ice supply.

Throughout the greater Kansas City area, we have worked hard to keep industrial ice machines in the best condition possible. Based on expert advice and years of experience, we’re providing you with some tips on keeping your ice supply safe and sanitary. It all starts with a clean ice machine.

Neglect Will Leave You with a Dirty Ice Maker

In the U.K., a shocking report came out stating that 6 out of 10 fast-food restaurants had ice that was dirtier than toilet water. This has raised concerns as to just how sanitary restaurant ice machines really are, so it’s crucial that you thoroughly clean your ice machine weekly. (Note: To learn more about health inspection violations at foodservice establishments in your area, contact your state’s Health Department)

A convenience store association also conducted a study of ice machines and cleanliness with its members. In this study, a large percentage of ice machine owners said they don’t regularly clean their ice machines because they assumed they were “self-cleaning”.

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Clean and Avoid a Dirty Ice Machine

The problem won’t go away if you ignore it. In fact, the longer you ignore a dirty ice maker, the worse it will get. Being proactive with maintenance and repairs as well as regular cleanings will help you avoid contaminating your ice supply with harmful microorganisms.

Manufacturers recommend that in addition to weekly cleanings, it’s important to have your ice machine deep cleaned by a professional at least twice a year. For places like Kansas City barbeque joints or dirtier environments, you may need additional cleanings. Look up your model for specific Manitowoc or Hoshizaki cleaning instructions.

Professional cleanings go beyond what you can do every week. A technician will clean inside the machine and check on vital components, like the condenser. Your machine will run better once the inside is free of dirt and dust that can slow it down and cause damage.  It also allows them to clean the ice machine from mold and slime that may have started growing.

Prevent the Risks of a Dirty Ice Maker

You can’t cut corners when it comes to ice safety. Whether you rent or buy a new or used commercial ice maker, it’s important to maintain them properly. Your business can suffer greatly if your dirty ice maker ends up getting a customer or staff member sick. This can lead to bad Yelp and Google reviews that can change peoples’ opinions about your establishment. Also, if your ice maker doesn’t pass an inspection from the health department, you could find yourself with hefty fines or temporary closure.

Hiring an ice machine technician will ensure you have the cleanest machine possible. As a business owner, you’re an expert at what you do. So, let the experts take care of your ice machine.

Maintaining a clean commercial ice machine is more than just wiping down the surface and cleaning the ice bin. Deep cleaning your ice machine requires that all components are thoroughly cleaned.

A dirty ice maker can be one of the quickest ways for your business to fail a health inspection. Before you waste time maintaining an expensive ice machine, consider Ice-Masters commercial ice machine rental program. With ice maker maintenance, cleanings, and repairs included, we take care of your ice machine so you can stay focused on your business. Call us today if your Kansas/Missouri business needs to lease or buy an ice machine!

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