Why Square Ice Cubes are Popular with Whiskey Lovers

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Square Ice Cubes

When it comes to whiskey drinkers, ice is a serious business. Whiskey and scotch aficionados want a slow-melting ice cube that won’t water down the flavor of their drinks. Since the recent rise of mixology, bartenders are taking their cocktails seriously and ice has become a major component to the perfect cocktail. This has increased the demand for a large … Read More

What is an ADA Ice Maker?

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ADA Ice Maker

What is an ADA Icemaker? Ice makers come in all shapes and sizes to meet various business needs. Sometimes the shape and size of an ice maker has to meet regulations purposed by state and federal lawmakers. The ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act was established in 1990 as a measure to prohibit the discrimination of people with disabilities. This … Read More

How to Clean Your Ice Machine of Mold and Slime

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How to Clean Ice Machine

Slime and mold are something most people have encountered in their showers or sinks, but they can also grow in your ice machine as well. Unfortunately, a simple bathroom cleaner isn’t going to be effective when cleaning your commercial ice machine. Let’s show you how to clean your ice machine of mold and slime, so your ice supply stays sanitary, and your customers stay safe.

Common Ice Machine Problems You See During Winter

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Ice Maker Problems Winter

Of all the things that can cause ice machine problems, you wouldn’t think cold would be one of them. The truth is, the cold weather can lead to a host of ice machine problems, such as extended harvest times, freeze-ups, and cracked water lines. We’ve identified the most common problems you’ll see come winter – and the best ways to … Read More

Why a Commercial Ice Machine Lease is a Better Option Than Buying

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Preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs are just some fo the responsibilities involved in buying an ice machine – and they can be a real hassle. Many business owners prefer a commercial ice machine lease because many of those responsibilities fall on the leasing company. Should you buy or rent an ice machine? We tell you why a commercial ice machine lease may be right for you.

Is a Nugget Ice Maker Machine Right for My Business?

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Nugget ice maker machine Ice-Masters

A nugget ice maker machine is the go-to ice maker for many different businesses. Nugget ice is soft and chewable, with many uses from cooling beverages, treating injuries, and hydrating patients. We show you all the benefits of nugget ice for your industry!