Why is My Ice Maker Leaking?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Troubleshooting

Ice Maker leaking

There’s always the possibility of springing a leak when making ice in your Kansas City business because water is being used. Ice machines usually leak from a few common places, most of which aren’t even the machine itself. We’ll help you identify common causes of leaks, why your machine might be leaking, and what to do when you have an ice maker leaking.

The Dirty Ice Maker: Keeping your Customers and Staff Safe

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machine Care

Dirty Ice Maker

Many people don’t think of ice as a potential health safety issue. However, ice is considered to be a food according to the FDA, so a dirty ice maker can lead to big code violations in both Kansas and Missouri. This means that there needs to be the same consideration for ice that there is for food when it comes to contamination and safety. Learn how to keep your ice machine as clean as possible and avoid a dirty, contaminated ice supply.

An Easy Guide to Cleaning Your Manitowoc Ice Machine

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machine Care

Cleaning a Manitowoc Ice Maker
Keeping your ice machine consistently clean should be your number one priority because no one wants dirty ice. Keeping up with cleaning your Manitowoc ice maker not only helps you maintain a sanitary ice supply for your Kansas/Missouri business, but it also helps the machine to run efficiently. If your ice machine is kept clean, it will produce ice more consistently. When ... Read More

A Simple Guide to Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ice Machine Care

Hoshizaki ice machine cleaning

It’s important to keep ice machines clean so that customers or employees can have safe, sanitary ice. In order to clean a Hoshizaki ice maker properly and avoid health code violations, it requires both disinfecting and sanitizing. Going above and beyond when taking care of your machine will help keep your ice supply safe and ready for use.

Why Ice Maker Freeze Ups Happen

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machines 101

Ice maker freezing up
Business owners in Kansas and Missouri can clearly benefit from an ice machine that consistently works year-round, but sometimes the ice itself can lead to an ice maker freeze up. If you have an ice maker not working due to a freeze up, it can be very expensive to fix if it causes damages. If the ice buildup grows large enough, it can start to break internal components. Being able to identify ice machine freeze ups early can save the ... Read More

Need a High-Volume Ice Maker Solution? Checkout Stackable Ice Machines

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machines 101

High Volume ice machine

If you need a larger ice maker but don’t have the space to accommodate it, consider a stackable ice machine unit. These machines can be placed on top of one another, to increase your ice cube production just as a high-volume ice machine would. We show you the pros and cons to owning a stackable ice machine.