Is a 100 lb. Commercial Ice Maker Enough?

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Many small businesses in Kansas and Missouri need ice for customers. Coffee shops, cafes, and delis all use ice, even if they don’t have a lot of room for a large ice maker. One of the most common models new business owners ask for is a 100 lb. ice maker.

How to Choose a Great Physical Therapy Ice Machine

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Physical Therapy Ice Machine

Physical therapy ice machines play an important role in sports. It’s an excellent way for athletes to reduce swelling and inflammation in muscles and joints. Ice also helps muscles recover after a long day of training. There are many different types of ice on the market – and not all perform equally when it comes to physical therapy.  

Commercial Bagged Ice Machines Make Ice Transport Easy

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Commercial bagged ice machines 

Many businesses in Kansas and Missouri use commercial bagged ice machines to transport sanitary ice safely to additional vendors, work crews, or pilots and truckers for long trips. If you’re a business owner in Kansas or Missouri who needs to transport large amounts of ice from place-to-place, we would like to show you how these systems can help you and your employees.

The Most Expensive Ice Maker Parts to Repair

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Ice Maker Parts
Preventive maintenance is a necessity if you want to maintain ice maker parts and your ice maker’s ice supply. During a preventive maintenance visit, an ice machine technician looks for potential problems within the machine and corrects them, avoiding big repairs. Something as small as a frayed wire can create a domino effect within the machine that can disable vital ... Read More

What Do AHRI Ratings Mean Regarding Ice Machines?

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AHRI Ratings

The AHRI rating is one way to measure how much ice commercial ice equipment can produce in 24 hours. You can also find this information in an ice machine spec sheet. AHRI is a type of metric ice machine manufacturers use to inform customers about their ice machine’s performance. In this article, the Ice Machine Experts at Easy Ice show you how to read AHRI ice machine ratings and how you can increase your ice machine production.