The Most Expensive Ice Maker Parts to Repair

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Ice Maker Parts
Preventive maintenance is a necessity if you want to maintain ice maker parts and your ice maker’s ice supply. During a preventive maintenance visit, an ice machine technician looks for potential problems within the machine and corrects them, avoiding big repairs. Something as small as a frayed wire can create a domino effect within the machine that can disable vital ... Read More

What Do AHRI Ratings Mean Regarding Ice Machines?

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AHRI Ratings

The AHRI rating is one way to measure how much ice commercial ice equipment can produce in 24 hours. You can also find this information in an ice machine spec sheet. AHRI is a type of metric ice machine manufacturers use to inform customers about their ice machine’s performance. In this article, the Ice Machine Experts at Easy Ice show you how to read AHRI ice machine ratings and how you can increase your ice machine production.

The Best Ice Machine Cleaner for Routine Cleaning

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Ice Machine Cleaner

A commercial ice machine is one appliance you can’t afford to ignore. Commercial ice machines need thorough cleaning regularly. To keep your ice supply safe, employees should follow some routine ice machine maintenance procedures. This includes wiping down and sanitizing ice machines – and you’ll need to use the right ice machine cleaner to do that.

The 500 lb Ice Machine: A Great Option for Small Businesses

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The KM-520 crescent ice maker is 22″ wide and 28″ high making it a great space saving option for any business

Many small businesses only need around 500 lbs of ice to get through the day. A 500 lb ice machine is one of the most cost-effective ways to supply your business with plenty of ice. We show you the types of businesses that benefit from a 500 lb ice machine and which models are the best!

What Does it Mean When My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Is Beeping?

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Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping

If you are one of the many businesses in Kansas or Missouri that rely on a Hoshizaki commercial ice maker for ice, you’ll want to keep it in the best condition. That’s Hoshizaki has developed a coded system within the ice machine to alert users and technicians to potential problems in the machine. In this article, we’ll discuss how to decode a Hoshizaki beep alarm, so you know what’s going on inside your ice machine.