Coronavirus: How to Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

Reading Time: 5 minutes Food/Ice Safety, Ice Machine Care

Coronavirus Ice Machine

It is possible for diseases like coronavirus, also called COVID-19, to transfer from a dirty ice machine to customers and employees. An ice machine is not an environment where viruses thrive well. Still, when employees practice improper ice handling techniques, ice machine surfaces, and even ice itself, can transfer germs to other employees or customers. We’ve put together a guide … Read More

Ice Maker Installation: How to Avoid Dangerous Microclimates

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ice Machine Care

Ice Maker Installation

Microclimates are when the surrounding temperature around your ice machine is much hotter than the room the unit is installed in, making them very easy to miss. YOur ice machine could be working overtime without your ever knowing it. In this article, we explain how to avoid microclimates by following a few installation tips.

The Effects of Hard Water in Your Ice Maker

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ice Machine Care

Hard water in your ice maker

Kansas is one of many areas in the US that suffers from water with high mineral concentration, otherwise known as hard water. While drinking hard water won’t harm you, it can cause some severe problems if it enters your ice machine. In this article, we’ll show you what happens when you get hard water in your ice maker. What is … Read More

How to Clean Your Ice Machine of Mold and Slime

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ice Machine Care

How to Clean Ice Machine

Slime and mold are something most people have encountered in their showers or sinks, but they can also grow in your ice machine as well. Unfortunately, a simple bathroom cleaner isn’t going to be effective when cleaning your commercial ice machine. Let’s show you how to clean your ice machine of mold and slime, so your ice supply stays sanitary, and your customers stay safe.

Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Ice Bin

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machine Care

Cleaning Your Ice Bin Ice-Masters

The FDA defines ice as a food, and just like food, you need to store and safely handle ice. Choosing to ignore proper ice handling and storage practices expose your customers to foodborne illnesses that will damage the reputation of your business. If you want to keep your ice clean and safe, the best thing to do is regularly clean … Read More