Commercial Bagged Ice Machines Make Ice Transport Easy

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Commercial bagged ice machines 

Many businesses in Kansas and Missouri use commercial bagged ice machines to transport sanitary ice safely to additional vendors, work crews, or pilots and truckers for long trips. At Ice-Masters we have top-of-the-line ice bagger machines from the leading manufacturers of commercial ice equipment, like Follet, Hoshizaki, and MGR.

If you’re a business owner in Kansas or Missouri who needs to transport large amounts of ice from place-to-place, we would like to show you how these systems can help you and your employees.

What Businesses Benefit the Most from an Ice Bagging Machine?

While ice vending businesses typically use ice bagging machines to sell 8,10, or even 20-lb bags of ice, many other industries use ice baggers as well.

Many industries use ice bagger machines to ensure sanitary ice is transported safely. They include:

Looking for an Ice Bagging Machine?

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Construction and landscaping crews often take 5-gallon coolers with the on jobs to keep their team fresh and hydrated.

Finally, trucking fleets and commercial or private airlines often fly with bags of ice to refill passengers’ drinks.

Let’s look at all the ways ice bagging machines can benefit your industry.

Commercial Bagged Ice Machines are Convenient

Ice bagging systems allow employees to fill bags of ice and deliver them to other locations. They operate like a large ice dispenser, dropping ice at the press of a button or pedal.

Commercial ice bagging machines are a very convenient way to transport ice because it’s easy to haul bags throughout a large facility and deliver them to multiple vendors. If you have a cart to transport the ice, the bags protect the ice on the way the vendor, so you can be sure the ice stays safe and sanitary.

Even the smallest commercial ice machines are not portable. Distribution, construction, and airline industries in Kansas and Missouri often take bags or coolers of ice with them on long trips or jobs to keep employees and passengers cool and hydrated. Commercial bagged ice machines allows crews to fill bags or coolers with ice quickly and transport them safely.

Finally, commercial bagged ice machines fill bags of ice quickly. Many of our units can fill up to eight 8-lb bags of ice a minute, far faster than a person can fill dropping scoop-after-scoop of ice in a bag.

Commercial Bagged Ice Machine Save Space

Many complexes in Kansas and Missouri need a safe and simple way to transport ice from a single source to many other small businesses that likely don’t have room for a large ice machine. Bagged ice machines allow the complex to install a large ice machine, which takes up a lot of space, in an area that has plenty of room to support it.

Industrial ice making equipment is typically installed in access areas throughout the facility where only employees have access. For many construction crews and distribution businesses, the commercial bagged ice machine stays at the company’s headquarters. Before crews or drivers leave for a job, they can stock up on ice in 5-gallon coolers which keep the ice fresh and solid for hours. Employees stay refreshed on jobs and can come back to headquarters to fill up on ice for the next job.

Ice Transport Systems

Ice transport systems, like our Follett SG700S DEV Series Ice Storage Bin, allows users to quickly fill carts full of ice quickly. These systems consist of an ice machine and bin. The chute underneath the bin allows user to park an ice cart directly below the chute. By operating the models quick ice release system, users can dispenser ice directly into a wheeled cart for fast and easy transportation from station to station.

We have many ice transport systems from Follet, including the Follett DEV-2100SG-72 and the Follett ITS2250SG-60. We have units that can hold between 400 to over 4000 lbs of ice.

Looking for a Quick and Easy Way to Provide Ice for Your Facility?

Commercial bagged ice machines are the most convenient and safe way to transport ice. If you run a business where you need to move large amounts of ice from place to place, a commercial ice bagging machine can fill multiple bags of ice faster than by hand.

At Ice-Masters, we have been serving Kansas and Missouri’s ice needs since 1950. We have commercial bagged ice machines that hold between 500-1000 lbs. of ice. Model like our Hoshizaki HCD-1000B Ice Bagging Machine and our Follett DB-1000 Ice Pro Ice Bagging machine are easy to operate and fill bags quickly. Coupled with a high-volume ice machine, businesses can easily and quickly distribute ice to multiple areas.

Our all-inclusive ice equipment rental program ensures businesses in Kansas and Missouri have ice equipment that stays safe and efficient with biannual ice machine maintenance and cleaning. We even cover ice machine repairs if something equipment doesn’t perform up to standards. You get it all for a low monthly cost! Need help choosing a commercial bagged ice machine? Give one of our helpful Ice Machine Experts a call and they’ll help you find the perfect range of ice equipment to meet your business needs.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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