Do Ice Machine Manufacturers Matter When Choosing a Model?

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Businesses in Kansas and Missouri need a reliable commercial ice machine to keep up with customer demand. There are many ice machine manufacturers that produce quality commercial ice equipment, but does the brand really matter?

At Ice-Masters, we only carry the best commercial ice machines from the leading manufacturers, like Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, and Follet. While they all produce quality equipment, some ice maker manufacturers excel in certain areas.

Who are the Major Ice Machine Manufacturers in the Business?

There are many brands of ice machines on the market, and many of them choose to focus on different areas of commercial ice making.

For example, Follet is one of the leading ice machine manufacturers that produces a wide range of storage accessories. Follet ice bins, touchless ice dispensers, and ice bagging machines are some of the best in the industry. Hoshizaki and Manitowoc have hundreds of models of commercial ice machines that produce ice cubes in all shapes and sizes.

Ice-Masters partners with Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, and Follet, because they produce the best commercial ice equipment on the market. Here’s some of the reasons we partner with these top ice machine brands.

Spend Less and Get the Best Equipment Available!

Our ice machine rentals provide you with quality equipment from the industry's leading ice machine manufacturers at an affordable cost. We also include preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs – for a low monthly payment!

Hoshizaki America

Hoshizaki America is one of the leading ice machine manufacturers in the US. By and far, their most popular Hoshizaki ice maker model is their KM-series ice machines, which produce their flagship crescent ice. Hoshizaki designed the ice to be slow melting and reduce costs associated with lost product. The cubes are round, which allows liquid to cascade over the cubes, gently filling drinkware. This design limits splashes and spills, which can cost bars and restaurants money pour after pour.

Another unique design from Hoshizaki allows their ice makers to produce individual ice cubes. Hoshizaki evaporators form cubes separately rather than large sheets. Employees don’t have to break apart ice that has clumped together in the bin. Hoshizaki’s evaporator plate design is available on all their KM-series ice machines. Their IM-series square ice machines, like the IM-200 and IM-500, also produce cubes individually.

Ice-Masters has one of the largest selections of Hoshizaki commercial ice machines in the Kansas City area. Our machines produce various ice types and come in a range of sizes to meet any business need. We have machines that produce between 300-1800 lbs. of ice a day.

Manitowoc Ice

Manitowoc also provides some of the best commercial ice machines in the country. Manitowoc ice makers excel in efficiency. Many of their machines are Energy Star certified by the EPA. Ice machines with this distinction, meaning they use 15% less electricity and 10% less water than other machines.

Manitowoc ice machines are also constructed, so they are easy to service. Many of their modular cubers place the major ice machine components toward the front of the unit. Technicians and users can easily access major ice maker parts by simply opening the front cover of the unit. The design helps to speed up service calls, saving business owners time and money in the process. All commercial ice makers require routine service and maintenance. Many ice machine services charge by the hour, so the quicker the service, the better.

Newer Manitowoc NXT ice machines come with digital touchscreen technology that will alert users to potential problems, monitor your ice supply, and display the contact information of the nearest Manitowoc ice machine service provider in your area.


Follet ice specializes in ice storage options such as ice bins, ice bagging machines, and ice transport systems. They also manufacture ice machines for various industries such as food & beverage and healthcare.

Follet has been in operation since 1948. While they are a quality ice machine manufacturer, their large selection of ice storage options is where this company really shines. Follet ice bins are some of the most durable and reliable on the market. Follet includes touchless ice bagging machines that allow users to fill large bags of ice or coolers with ease. Models like our Follet Ice Pro DB650SA Ice Bagger and our Follet Ice Pro DB1000SA Ice Bagger dispense ice with foot pedal technology that eliminates the need for a scoop or shovel. The ice supply stays safe and sanitary since employees never have to open the bin to grab ice.

No Matter the Ice Machine Manufacturer, You Still Need Routine Service

All of the leading ice maker manufacturers make quality ice equipment, but even the best equipment needs routine service. Whatever ice machine you choose, preventative maintenance and cleanings are key if you want them to stay in peak performance.

Preventive maintenance from a qualified ice machine technician will help prevent the machine from breaking down for unnecessary reasons and paying a high repair bill.

Deep cleanings also help to eliminate mold, slime, or scale that can lead to a dirty ice maker or lower the amount of ice your machine produces.

At Ice-Masters, we include preventive maintenance and cleanings twice a year in our full-service rentals. We also include ice machine water filter replacements to keep ice clean and clear.

Get Quality Equipment and Service with Our Full-Service Ice Machine Rental

At Ice-Masters, we offer the best ice equipment from the leading ice machine manufacturers – but that’s not all. We also guarantee ice makers get the quality maintenance and service they need to stay in the best possible condition. That’s why we designed our full-service ice machine rental program to keep ice machines in top form.

You can also buy an ice machine from our large selection of equipment.

Need help choosing the best brand of ice maker for your Kansas or Missouri business? Give our Ice machine Experts a call, and they’ll point you in the right direction!

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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