Commercial Ice Machine Repairs in Kansas and Missouri

When it comes to your Kansas or Missouri business, keeping up with commercial ice machine service is essential to your ice machine’s longevity. Routine cleaning and service will give you more consistent ice production and a fuller supply. It also helps to keep your ice sanitary and safe for your customers. Our factory trained technicians will check your ice machine during routine ice machine service, ensuring it’s running in the best condition possible. Learn about our commercial ice machine repairs and service in Kansas and Missouri below.

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Commercial Ice Machine Service in Kansas and Missouri

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Ice Machine Water Filters

Most water, especially the hard water found throughout Kansas City, has some levels of sediment and mineral deposits in it. These deposits aren’t necessarily dangerous to people, but they can be damaging to your ice machine. Water filtration is the best way to limit the harmful sediment and mineral deposits that can enter you ice machine.

We ensure your ice machine has the best filtration setup that addresses any issues with your water environment. We also provide routine water filter replacements to keep your ice supply clean and clear of contaminants.

Here are three of the most common water filters used in commercial ice machines:

Standard Sediment Filters

A standard sediment filter traps particles in your water supply before they can enter your ice machine. Although we recommend these filters for any ice machines, they’re especially important in areas with high-particulate water. It’s recommended that these filters are replaced every six months.

Quality Commercial Ice Machine Service in Kansas and Missouri

Ice-Masters has been providing the best commercial ice machine service throughout Kansas and Missouri since 1951. With decades of experience, our team knows how to take care of ice machines and service them properly. Being proactive with ice machine service and cleaning gives you a better working unit overall. If you decide to partner with Ice-Masters for your ice machine service, you will experience unparalleled customer service. We offer commercial ice machine service, cleanings, repairs, and more. We’ll even call you when it’s time for your next visit and schedule it at your earliest convenience. We focus on taking care of your ice machine so that you can put your focus back on your business. Our customer service line open 24/7 to assist you with any ice machine issues at any time.

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