Ice-Masters offers the most cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to owning an ice maker in Kansas, with our unique ice machine rental program.

Your small business in Eudora is a part of small-town America’s enduring charm. When your friends, neighbors, and out-of-town visitors show up on your business’ doorstep, you want to show them the Midwestern hospitality they expect in Eudora and make them feel like your town is the place to be. A high-performing ice machine is key to making that happen.  

If you’re looking for a great deal on ice machine rental in Eudora, you’ve found it. When you rent your ice machine from Ice-Masters, you gain access to all of the following for one, low monthly payment:  

It’s not too good to be true. It’s the Ice-Masters rental program.  

Ice-Masters makes it easy for your business to get the ice machine you need.           

Buying a commercial ice machine for your business can seem intimidating: it means signing yourself up for a fat bill and a lot of responsibility. Renting your ice machine from Ice-Masters is the perfect alternative, allowing you to use a leading brand ice machine without spending thousands of dollars in one day. All you have to take care of is the installation fee and your monthly payment, and you’ll have the ice machine you need for as long as you need it. Ice-Masters has designed our subscription program to offer you the most value for your money, so your subscription rate covers twice-annual maintenance visits from our highly specialized technicians and all repairs. You’ll never have to worry about tracking down a good ice machine tech or budgeting for unexpected ice machine breakdowns. We’ll even bring you free backup ice to keep your business running smoothly as we fix your ice machine.  

If you’re looking to buy an ice machine in Eudora, you’re still in the right place. Ice-Masters sells the same top ice machine brands that we offer through our monthly rental program, and our customer service team is ready to help you pick out the right model.  If you need a trustworthy technician to service or repair the ice machine you already own, make an appointment with an Ice-Masters tech ASAP.  

Ice-Masters has been proudly supplying commercial ice to Kansas since 1951. Our ice machine rental program, ice machine retail, and ice machine technicians are available in Eudora, Baldwin City, Lawrence, and the greater Kansas City metro area. If you’re ready to rent or buy a Manitowoc or Hoshizaki ice machine for your business, contact us today!