Ice-Masters offers the most cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to owning an ice maker in Missouri, with our unique ice machine rental program.

Word-of-mouth goes a long way in Fulton, so you don’t want to let your customers down with warm drinks. You need an ice machine that will perform well even on the hottest summer day, an ice machine that won’t break your budget. That’s a tall order—and Ice-Masters can fulfill it. We make ice machine rental in Fulton the obvious choice for business owners who need this expensive equipment but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars acquiring it.  

For one, low monthly payment, you’ll get access to the following when you subscribe to Ice-Masters:  

You really can have it all when it comes to your ice machine.  

Ice-Masters is changing the way businesses of all sizes acquire their ice machines. For the better. 

Ice-Masters is excited to revolutionize the commercial ice machine industry in Missouri. Our monthly subscription program isn’t like other ice machine rental options. An Ice-Masters subscription means getting maximum value for your money: we don’t just drop off your ice machine and leave you with the responsibility of caring for it. Your monthly fee covers the costs of two preventive maintenance visits a year and all repairs your ice machine will ever need, performed by our highly specialized technicians. Ice-Masters even gives you free backup ice whenever your ice machine breaks down, so your customers never have to be disappointed by warm drinks. You won’t get that kind of support from other ice machine rental companies or if you purchase your next ice machine. You’ll only find it here.    

Ice-Masters believes our monthly subscription program is the best deal on commercial ice machines for business owners, but if you want to buy an ice machine in Fulton, Ice-Masters is still your go-to resource. We sell the same five-star Manitowoc and Hoshizaki ice machines that we feature in our subscription program, and our customer service team is happy to help you pick out the right model for your business. If you already own an ice machine that needs servicing, call Ice-Masters now to make an appointment with one of our expert ice machine technicians.   

Ice-Masters has been providing commercial ice machines to Missouri businesses since 1951. We’re proud to serve communities such as Fulton, Mexico, Columbia, Jefferson City, and beyond. If you’re ready to join the Ice-Masters ice machine subscription program or buy a new ice machine, contact us today!