Ice-Masters offers the most cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to owning an ice maker in Missouri, with our unique ice machine rental program.

Life is good and busy in Joplin, a city at the intersection of urbanism and nature at the edge of the Ozarks. Whatever the size of your business in Joplin, your customers deserve all the clean, abundant ice they want. In order to meet their expectations, you need a dependable, high-performing ice machine, and Ice-Masters has the perfect solution. We make commercial ice machine rental in Joplin easy, convenient, and affordable.  

When you subscribe to Ice-Masters, you’ll receive all of the following for one, low monthly payment:  

It might sound too good to be true, but we really did design our subscription program to benefit business owners.  

Renting your ice machine from Ice-Masters gives you the best value for your money.   
Not every business is prepared to drop thousands of dollars on a new ice machine. At Ice-Masters, we believe money shouldn’t be a barrier between your business and the perfect ice machine, and that’s where our monthly subscription program comes in. Renting an ice machine from Ice-Masters means your business gets to use a Manitowoc or Hoshizaki ice maker day in and day out without footing the big bill typically attached to those brands. We don’t ask you for a deposit, just a modest installation fee, and your low monthly subscription rate covers all the preventive maintenance and repairs your ice machine will ever need. Instead of trying to figure out where to find a trustworthy ice machine service company, you can count on the expert technicians at Ice-Masters to take care of your equipment according to brand standards.  

As amazing as our monthly subscription program is, we understand some business owners would rather buy their equipment. If you’re one of them, Ice-Masters is still your best resource in Joplin. We have the same leading brands of ice machines available for purchase as we feature in our monthly subscription program. Our customer service team is happy to help you pick out the right model for your business. If you already have an ice machine that needs servicing or fixing, call Ice-Masters to make an appointment with one of our expert technicians.  

Ice-Masters has been serving Missouri businesses since 1951. Our ice machines are available in Joplin, Bolivar, Nevada, Butler, Springfield, and beyond. If you’re ready to give our subscription program a try or to explore your ice machine purchase options, contact us today!