Ice-Masters offers the most cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to owning an ice maker in Missouri, with our unique ice machine rental program.

Supplying your customers with all the clean ice they want, as soon as they want it, isn’t just a good business practice. It’s a basic part of Kearney hospitality. Whether you’re serving cold drinks in a restaurant, in a hotel, at an event, or elsewhere, you need an ice machine you can count on that doesn’t break your bank account. Instead of buying your business’ ice machine, why not rent one 

Ice-Masters believes ice machine rental in Kearney should be easy, affordable, and convenient.   

Our all-inclusive subscription program offers your business the following for one, low monthly payment:  

That’s the best deal on a commercial ice machine you’ll find in the whole state of Missouri.  

Whether you want to rent or buy an ice machine, Ice-Masters has everything you need.                  

When you’re a small business owner, buying an ice machine can feel overwhelming. Budgeting for this expensive equipment and the inevitable maintenance and repairs it will require over time is no fun. The Ice-Masters subscription program slashes the cost of using an ice machine for your business and saves you the time and worry involved in dealing with ice machine care. You can rent a world-class brand of ice machine without putting down a deposit; Ice-Masters only charges you a reasonable installation fee. Once you’ve got your ice machine set up at your business, you can rest easy knowing your subscription covers twice yearly maintenance visits and all repairs your ice machine might need. We even give you free ice while your ice machine is down, so your business doesn’t experience interruptions. While our technicians take care of your ice machine, you can focus on your business’ daily success.  

If you want to buy an ice machine in Kearney, Ice-Masters can help you out too. We sell the same reliable, high-quality ice machines that we feature in our rental program, at fair prices. And if you’re looking for an ice machine technician you can trust to perform maintenance or repairs on the ice machine you already own, Ice-Masters employs the most knowledgeable, highly trained ice machine technicians in Missouri.     

Ice-Masters proudly provides ice machine rental, retail, and service throughout Clay County, in communities like Kearney, Gladstone, Smithville, Liberty, and the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. If you’re ready to supply your business and your customers with ice that’s just right, contact us today!