Ice-Masters offers the most cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to owning an ice maker in Missouri, with our unique ice machine rental program.

There’s always something going on in Kirksville, a small city with big heart where the local culture is built on Midwestern hospitality. Whether you’re serving your customers on one of Kirksville’s festival days, over a holiday weekend, or any given Tuesday, you need an ice machine you can count on for clean, abundant ice. Nobody wants to be stuck with a warm drink.   

Ice-Masters makes ice machine rental in Kirksville a simple choice you can feel good about. For one, low monthly payment, you gain access to:  

If that isn’t the smartest way to get an ice machine for your business, we can’t imagine what is.  

Ice-Masters is your one-stop shop for ice machine rental, retail, and technical service.  

Renting your ice machine from Ice-Masters saves your business money, time, and effort. Instead of coming up with thousands of dollars to buy a new ice machine, you can get the same make and model for an affordable monthly rate and a modest installation fee. Instead of figuring out where to find a good ice machine tech and how often to have your ice machine serviced, you can relax knowing that your monthly subscription covers twice-annual preventive maintenance visits from an expert Ice-Masters technician. Instead of worrying about the day when your ice machine finally breaks down and needs repairing, you can sleep sound because your monthly dues cover the cost of ice machine repairs and backup ice.  

As excellent as the Ice-Masters monthly rental program is, maybe you have your own reasons for wanting to buy your ice machine. No worries. Ice-Masters sells the same leading brands of commercial ice machines that we rent out to subscribers. Our customer service team will help you select the model that’s perfect for your business. And if you already own an ice machine that needs some technical attention, call Ice-Masters to make an appointment with one of our technicians.   

Ice-Masters has been proudly serving businesses in Kansas and Missouri since 1951. We provide ice machines to communities like Kirksville, Chillicothe, Moberly, and Mexico, as well as bigger locales like Kansas City and Columbia. If you’re ready to experience our first-class ice machine rental program, contact us today!