Ice-Masters offers the most cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to owning an ice maker in Missouri, with our unique ice machine rental program.

Your local community of friends and neighbors in Peculiar deserve a wonderful experience of your business every time they show up, which is why you need a reliable ice machine. Ice-Masters makes ice machine rental in Peculiar as easy and convenient as possible, with our cutting-edge subscription program.  

For one, low monthly payment, your business has access to:  

You won’t find a better way to supply your business with ice than the Ice-Masters subscription program.   

Ice-Masters is your one-stop shop for ice machine rental, purchasing, and maintenance in Peculiar.    

Buying and owning an ice machine can be an especially expensive, risky choice for a small business. A good quality ice machine comes with a steep price tag, and the costs don’t end there, as ice machines require consistent maintenance and are prone to breakdown with age. Not only do you have to worry about the cost of ice machine repairs when you own the equipment, but going days without ice can interrupt in your business.  

The ice machine rental program we offer at Ice-Masters eliminates all these concerns for small business owners. When you rent one of our ice machines, we’ll send one of our highly knowledgeable technicians to your business twice a year, rain or shine, to service your machine according to brand recommendations. If and when your ice machine needs repairing, an Ice-Master technician will take care of it ASAP, and we’ll provide your business with as much free ice as you need while you wait. All of these perks are covered under your monthly subscription, at no extra cost to you.    

As amazing as our ice machine rental program is, we know there will always be business owners in Peculiar who want to buy their ice machine, and if you’re one of them, Ice-Masters is happy to sell you one of our high-quality ice machines. If you already have an ice machine that needs routine maintenance or repair, we can help you there too. At Ice-Masters, we strive to make ice machine service in Peculiar affordable, quick, and reliable.  

Ice-Masters has been providing ice machines to Cass County since 1951, and we proudly serve businesses in Peculiar, Raymore, Lee’s Summit, Harrison, Belton, and the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. If you’re ready to , contact us today!