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Crescent Ice is Clear, Solid, and Slow-Melting

Whether you’re serving cocktails, top-shelf spirits, or soft drinks, crescent ice cubes fit the bill! Each cube is formed individually, so they never clump together in your ice bin. Each cube is clear and slow melting, so drinks won’t lose their flavor minutes after pouring.

This ice is Hoshizaki’s signature cube and it’s size makes it a great all-purpose cube. These larger ice cubes help your customer’s drinks stay full of flavor, giving them a better overall experience at your business.

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Save Money with Crescent Ice Cubes

Crescent-shaped ice cubes were specifically designed by Hoshizaki to save bars and restaurants money in lost product. The crescent shape of the cube allows liquid to cascade over the cube when poured rather than splash back, which is common with square-shaped cubes. Crescent-shaped ice cubes are slender, which allows more ice cubes to fit in a glass. This design displaces more liquid than standard square cubes, which makes drinks appear fuller.

Since these ice machines come in a wide range of sizes, they are extremely popular with small and large eateries alike.

Crescent Ice Machines Fit Any Sized Business

Hoshizaki crescent cubers use a unique evaporator plate design to allow each cube to form individually. This design eliminates the common bridging problem with many commercial ice machines, where cubes stick together after dispensing into a bin. These ice cubes never need to be manually separated, which makes scooping easy for staff.

Hoshizaki crescent ice machines produce between 70-2500 lbs of ice a day, so you can always find a model to fit your business’s ice needs.

Whether you are looking for an ice machine for sale or a commercial ice machine rental, we have the perfect commercial ice machine for you!

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Crescent Ice (KM Cube)
Brand Hoshizaki
Shape Crescent (Half-moon shape)
Available Models KM-61 KM-101 KM-151 KM-201 KM-260 KM-340 KM-515 KM-600 KM-650 KM-901 KM-1100 KM-1301 KM-1340 KM-1601 KM-1900 KMH-2000 KM-2100 KM-2200 KM-2600 KML-250/351 KML-325 KML-451 KML-500 KML-631 KML-700 KMD-410 KMD-460 KMD-530 KMD-850 KMD-901 KMS-822 KMS-830 KMS-1122 KMS-1401 KMS-2000
Width ½”
Depth 1 1/8”
Height 1 ½"

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Crescent Ice Machines for Businesses

Crescent ice is great for any business setting and saves money in product loss. We have large selection of these ice machines to fit any sized business.