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Dice and Half Dice Ice From Ice-Masters

Dice and Half Dice Ice

If you’re looking for a reliable ice cube that comes in a range of sizes to fit any business, Dice and Half Dice ice check all the boxes. Both ice shapes have a classic design, so they look great in soft drinks or cocktails. They’re also hard, and slow melting, so they won’t water down drinks before they’re finished.

These cubes come in Manitowoc’s signature “rhomboid” shape that’s perfect for any drink. Slow-melting cubes like these help drinks stay flavorful and your guests stay happy. Let our team of experts find you the best dice or half dice ice machine for your business today!

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Dice and Half Dice Ice for Soft Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages

Dice and Half Dice ice cubes are specific to Manitowoc, which is known for producing some of the most energy efficient ice machines on the market.

Dice ice has a square profile that looks great in high-end cocktails and spirits. Each cube retains the signature “rhomboid” shape unique to Manitowoc ice machine models.

Half Dice cubes are one of the most popular ice shapes found in restaurants and bars because they displace liquid better than standard square ice cubes. These ice machines produce ice quickly and at a high-volume.

Dice or Half Dice Ice is a Great Choice for High-Volume Businesses

Manitowoc ice machine models produce ice quickly and are easily serviced, so they last for years with proper maintenance and cleaning. Each machine drops large batches of ice at once, so you get the ice you need immediately. No matter the size of your business, there is a dice or half dice ice machine for you. We have machines that produce anywhere between 500-1900 lbs of ice a day.

Whether you are looking for an ice machine for sale or a commercial ice machine rental, we have the perfect commercial ice machine for you!

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Dice / Half Dice Ice
Brand Manitowoc
Shape Dice
Half Dice
Available Models Dice IDT-0500 IDF-0600 IDT-0620 IDF-0900 IDT-1200 IDT-1500 IDT-1900
Half Dice IYT-0500 IYF-0600 IYT-0620 IYF-0900 IYT-1200 IYT-1500 IYT-1900
Width Dice 7/8”
Half Dice 3/8”
Depth Dice 7/8”
Half Dice 1 1/8”
Height Dice 7/8”
Half Dice 7/8"

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Manitowoc Ice

Dice and Half Dice Ice Makers for Businesses

Dice and Half Dice ice machines are a great option for small and large businesses alike. We have a huge selection of models to choose from.