3 Ways Follet Ice Machines Improve Ice Transportation

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Follet Ice Machines

Most consumers are unaware of the path ice takes from production to useful destination whether it’s in our glass or icing filets in the grocery store meat department. But business owners are all too aware of the effort and coordination require to transport ice, no matter what the type of ice or intended use.

Follet has been manufacturing commercial ice equipment since 1948, and their contributions to simplifying ice transportation are remarkable. It’s for that reason that Ice-Masters has added Follet to the short list of top-of-the-line ice machine manufacturers we work with in our unique rental program. Through our comprehensive program, our customers pay a low monthly fee to receive a quality Hoshizaki, Scotsman, or Manitowoc ice maker or Follet ice machine, bin or ice bagging machine. Once we install their ice machine, our customers relax knowing they have a dependable supply of ice, because Ice-Masters handles it all:

  • Recommended biannual maintenance and professional cleaning
  • All repairs (including parts and labor)
  • Problem solving and support through a 24/7/365 expert customer service line
  • Back-up ice (if required during ice machine repairs)

Ice-Masters customers span every ice-reliant industry in Kansas and Missouri, including but not limited to:

    • Corporate campuses
    • Restaurants and bars
    • Hotels
    • Plants/Large Facilities
    • Hospitals and healthcare
    • Entertainment complexes/convention centers
    • Schools

1. Convenient Ways to Transport Ice with Follet Ice Makers

Follet has stepped up to the challenge of ice transportation and created commercial ice makers that simplify the process beautifully. Whether the ice is pouring from one, two, or three chutes into a waiting ice cart or it’s being dispensed into bags, Follet ice makers are designed to make the process efficient and sanitary. In the past, ice transport was labor heavy and time consuming. Now Follet ice equipment makes dispensing, collecting, and transporting carts or bags of ice easy.

Several Follet ice bagging machines feature SmartGate ice shield technology. This ensures users always receive the earliest ice, prevented clumping that can occur when ice sits too long. Follet rounds out their ice transport options by ensuring ice carts can be easily tucked under the ice bins when not in use. This is space efficient and reduces potential tripping hazards.

Follet Ice Machines Available for Lease

We have a great selection of Follet ice machines available for lease at one low monthly payment.

2. Improve Onsite Safety with Follet Touchless Ice Machines

Follet takes sanitation seriously. One way the company decreases the opportunity for pathogens to be transmitted via their ice makers is by utilizing a pedal. Users simple depress the pedal with their foot until their desired amount of ice has been dispensed, either into a cart or bags. Several Follet ice machine models offering by Ice-Masters incorporate automatic technology without ever requiring the user to open the bin door.

Ice safety is critical. Germs can adhere to ice. Such germs can live long enough to be transmitted to a customer or employee. Companies can protect their reputation and their customer base by performing both regular professional cleaning and encouraging sanitary daily use of their ice makers. This can be difficult in busy workplaces, so Follet technology that keeps the ice safely contained offers added protection.

There is also an automatic Follet touchless ice machine that can fill eight 8-pound bags of ice per minute, even using a unique air system to blow open the bags before filling. This not only cuts down on germs; it also reduces the burden on staff to open the bags by hand, effectively reducing labor costs. All of these thoughtful additions contribute to why Ice-Masters chose to add Follet to the list of leading ice maker brands we are willing to include in our rental program.

3. Follet Ice Machines Stand the Test of Time

Follet ice makers are durable and built to last. They have to survive in high-traffic areas, and they have shown remarkable reliability. Follet ice machines are built from stainless steel and durable plastic meant to withstand constant use and the dings and bumps that come from employees working quickly. Furthermore, the models that also store ice keep ice cold and solid thanks to a corrosion-resistant poly liner.

Though the high-quality nature of Follet ice machines means they don’t break down often, when they do need serviced or repaired technicians find them accessible. This means ice machine service doesn’t take as long and costs less. This is important – unless you’re an Ice-Masters customer who doesn’t have to schedule, pay for, or worry about ice machine maintenance or ice maker repairs.

Get the Ice Machine You Need From Ice-Masters

You can always opt to buy an ice machine for your business. However, there is an easier way. Countless business owners choose instead to rent their ice machine from Ice-Masters. They get the same (or better) quality ice maker exactly suited to their needs and their workspace, but they don’t get all the hassles and unexpected costs of ownership. Instead, they pay a low monthly fee for Ice-Masters to guarantee their ice supply.

Ice-Masters rents only the highest quality machines from leading brands like Follett, Hoshizaki, and Manitowoc. Contact our 24/7/365 customer service to learn more about your ice machine rental options.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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