Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Guide

As one of the industry’s leading names, Hoshizaki specializes in making reliable, cutting-edge commercial ice equipment. Theres alot of factors to consider when choosing the best Hoshizaki commercial ice maker for your Kansas or Missouri business. This guide will help answer your questions about Hoshizaki ice machines.

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Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Makers in Kansas and MissouriHoshizaki commercial ice machines in Kansas and Missouri

Choosing the Right Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker

No matter what your business needs ice for, a Hoshizaki commercial ice maker is a great solution. With a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, it’s simple to figure out which machine would be best for your Kansas or Missouri business. Below are a few popular types of ice makers for different business needs:

  • Modular Ice Machines

    Modular Ice Machines

    A modular ice machine only comes with the ice-producing components. It will need an additional ice bin or dispenser for storage. This gives you the ability to customize the machine to your needs, making modular ice makers one of the most popular models among business owners. Almost any type of ice can be produced by a modular ice machine, so the options are endless. Hoshizaki modular ice machines can produce anywhere between 500 – 1800 lbs of ice a day.

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  • Stackable Ice Machines

    Stackable Ice Machines

    With these models, you can install up to 3 units on top of another, which effectively will triple your daily ice production. Three times the output means that you will need three times the storage as well. These units work great for businesses that see a high-volume of customers per day but don’t have the space for an extra ice machine. However, having multiple machines stacked up means that routine maintenance and cleaning will be a bit more challenging due to the configuration.

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  • Undercounter Ice Machines

    Undercounter Ice Machines

    At under 40” tall, undercounter ice machines are great to put below bars and countertops. These smaller machines are perfect for bar service with a daily yield of 50-350 lbs. of ice depending on size. Bartenders can quickly retrieve ice from under the bar without having to run back to the kitchen. Most undercounter ice makers come with a built-in storage bin which makes installation easier. Their easily accessible bins even make these machines ADA compliant to help you better serve all your customers.

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  • Countertop Dispenser

    Countertop Ice Makers

    The convienence of Hoshizaki countertop ice makers make it possible for you to have easily accessible ice that can even be self-served. These models can either produce their own ice or you can install an ice machine on top. Typically, countertop ice makers produce between 500-800 lbs. of ice a day. Since these machines are small and have a sanitary dispenser, they’re a great choice of healthcare clinics and office breakrooms.

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Types of Ice for Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Makers

Hoshizaki ice makers produce a variety of types of ice. Their patented evaporator plate expertly forms each cube individually allowing for easier retrieval and no bridging between cubes. Below are some of the most most popular Hoshizaki ice shapes for Kansas or Missouri businesses.

Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Ice Shapes

How Do I Size a Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker?

Finding the right sized ice machine is based off how much ice your business uses. Using our Ice Machine Estimator, you can calculate approximately how much you will need. Here is an overview of the three main factors we take into account when sizing ice machines.

Daily Ice Usage

In order to find the perfect Hoshizaki ice bin and ice machine, you will need to know how much ice your business goes through day to day. This includes ice used for beverages, as well as the ice you may need for food preparation, beer tubs or other food services. It’s important to keep in mind that it will take a full 24-hours for an ice machine to produce its full amount. For example, a 500-lb ice machine will take an entire day to produce 500 lbs. of ice.

Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Condensers

A condenser plays a very important role in ice production as it’s responsible for keeping the ice machine cool. All condensers work to remove heat from internal components and expel it away from the machine. With a properly working condenser, you will have a consistently high ice production rate and a healthier machine.

Air Cooled Hoshizaki Ice Makers

A fan is used in an air cooled condenser to push hot air away from the machine. These machines require a lot of space so that the hot air doesn’t get trapped and recirculated into the machine. If the hot air is pulled back into the ice machine, not only can it lower your production rate, but it can also cause the machine to overheat which is damaging. This cost-effective condenser style is often the most popular among business owners.

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How Much Does a Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Cost?

On average, a new Hoshizaki commercial ice maker will cost anywhere between $1,500 to $10,000. Installation and ice storage bins will cost you extra. In order to properly maintain an ice machine, you first need to know about the hidden costs that can come up:

Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Maintenance Kansas and Missouri

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Maintenance

Hoshizaki manufacturers recommend your ice machine receives preventative maintenance service at least twice a year. Each maintenance visit, on average, will cost you $300. A preventative maintenance visit allows a technician to optimize your ice machine and address any potential problems.

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Water Filters Kansas and Missouri

Hoshizaki Water Filters

A water filter helps to eliminate most of the particles, saving your ice machine and your ice supply. An ice machine water filter usually costs between $15-$100 dollars, depending on the brand. Replacing your water filter every few months is important, or they can become clogged. If you have a clogged filter, you’ll notice the ice cubes will be smaller and malformed. In challenging environments with harder water like Kansas City, you may need to replace filters more often or consider additional water filtration.

Manitowoc Ice Machine Breakdowns

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Breakdowns

An ice machine repair usually depends on the severity of the damage and can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. Keeping up with preventative maintenance and repairs can help to reduce expensive repair costs. Here is a list of common repairs and what they could cost you:

  • Hot Gas Valve Replacement - $600
  • Expansion Valve - $600
  • Compressor Repair - $1500
  • Evaporator Repair - $2500

When an ice machine breaks down, you’ll have to pay for backup ice. If you need to replace 500-lbs of ice, you could be spending over $100 a day.

Our All-Inclusive Ice Machine Program
is the Way to go For Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Machines

Ice Masters has revolutionized the way business owners get ice with our all-inclusive, affordable monthly leasing service. Not only do we provide you with the best ice machine for your Kansas or Missouri business, but we also provide maintenance, cleanings and repairs at no extra charge. If your ice machine is down for repairs, we'll even cover your day's supply of ice. It's all included in your already low, monthly cost!

Preventative Maintenace

Preventive maintenance keeps ice machine components in working condition and prevents costly damages from occurring. We provide twice-yearly preventive maintenance. We will even call you when it’s time and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.


If your ice machine encounters a problem due to machine-related issues, we'll cover the repair, parts, and labor for no additional fee.

Breakdown Ice

If your ice machine is down for repairs for an extended amount of time, we'll deliver a day's worth of ice to your business. If we can't get out to you in time, we'll credit your account for the cost of a day's worth of ice. We offer this until your machine is up and running.

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