Need a High-Volume Ice Maker Solution? Checkout Stackable Ice Machines

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High Volume ice machine

High-volume ice machines are large ice makers that give off a lot of heat. Having proper ventilation for these machines is important to its ability to function properly. If you place a high-volume ice machine in a room with poor ventilation, it can leave you with lower production and even a complete machine shutdown.

If you need a larger ice maker but don’t have the space to accommodate it, consider a stackable ice machine unit. Since they can be placed on top of one another, you have more machines running, increasing your ice cube production just as a high-volume ice machine would. We make it possible for businesses with smaller spaces to have the benefit of a large ice supply with a stackable commercial ice maker rental.

Solution for Large Ice Needs in a Small Space

The more ice your business needs, the bigger your industrial ice maker will need to be to keep up with the demand. Businesses that are tight on space, and need more ice than they are currently getting, can upgrade their supply without sacrificing space.

Stackable ice machines can be installed up to two or three units high. The stacked machines work together to produce extra ice that’s deposited into one single ice bin or commercial ice dispenser, depending on the setup. Stackable units let you take advantage of your ceiling height if you are tight on horizontal space.

Looking for a High-Volume Ice Machine?

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The Pros and Cons of Stackable Units

It’s true that stackable ice machines will increase your ice production rate, but you must be careful, as they are engineered to work very specifically. Understand the potential issues that can come up with stacking machines before looking for additional stackable ice machines for sale.

Bin Space

If you increase your ice production with an additional stackable ice machine, you’ll need to upgrade your bin size to hold the extra ice. All ice machines come with bin-switch that stops ice production when the bin reaches capacity. If you have multiple machines dropping ice into the bins, it will need to be large enough to hold the ice without filling up too quickly. You need an ice bin that lets your stackable increase your daily ice production.

For example, if you add a 500-lb stackable unit to produce 1000 pounds of ice per day, your 600-pound ice bin won’t be able to accommodate the extra ice. Both machines will shut off once the bin is full. Doubling the size of your ice bin helps you to get the most out of your stackable, high volume ice machines.


Since the ice machine units are stacked, it can make it difficult to perform routine commercial ice maker maintenance and repairs on the bottom machine. This can ultimately limit the lifespan of the bottom unit.

In a stacked unit, the top machine blocks access to the evaporator plate on the bottom machine, making cleaning a pain. The only way to properly clean the bottom machine is to remove the top unit. An ice machine technician will need to remove and reinstall the top machine, which is not easy – or cheap.


Stackable units, just like all high-volume ice machines, produce a lot of heat and need proper ventilation to function properly. The more units you add in a space, the more heat you’ll have circulating. The space where your ice machine is located needs to be air-conditioned to keep the machines cool. Ice machines in hot rooms have to work harder to produce ice which can break the machine down over time, leaving you with your ice maker not working.

Get a HighVolume Ice Maker for Your Business

If you need a high volume ice machine for your Kansas or Missouri-based business, we recommend choosing a large, single ice maker that will fit in your space. It will be easier for technicians to service and will help the machines last longer.

If we do place you with a stackable unit, just remember to have proper ventilation, adequate bin size, and willingness to put the effort in for maintenance.

Whether you are looking to buy an ice machine that can keep up with your daily demand or lease an ice machine, we are here for you. Ice-Master’s ice equipment rental program gives businesses in Kansas and Missouri the convenience of owning a Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice machine without all the stress.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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