What Does it Mean When My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Is Beeping?

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Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping

Many businesses in Kansas and Missouri rely on a Hoshizaki ice maker to deliver a reliable ice supply for their customers or employees. To maintain your ice supply, you’ll want your ice maker to perform the best it can year-round. That’s why a Hoshizaki commercial ice machine uses a series of codes to alert users and service employees to potential issues inside the machine. When your Hoshizaki ice machine is beeping, it’s trying to tell you something is wrong.

In this article, we’ll show you the many Hoshizaki beep alarms, and identify the most common types of alarms business owners encounter.

The Different Types of Hoshizaki Beep Alarms

Hoshizaki KM series commercial ice equipment (their most popular model of machine) uses seven different alarms to alert owners to potential problems within the machine. The alarm consists of a series of beeps, followed by a three-second pause, followed by the series of beeps. Many times, the machine will shut down into a safe mode.

Going over each of the seven Hoshizaki beep alarms would take a much longer article, so we’ll be focusing on the first three, which are the most common.

For reference, here are the seven Hoshizaki beep alarms and their causes:

  • 1 Beep – High temperature measured at the evaporator outlet.
  • 2 Beep – Long Harvest Cycle
  • 3 Beep – Long Freeze Cycle
  • 4 Beep – Shorted Circuit on Mechanical Bin Sensor
  • 5 Beep – Open Circuit on Mechanical Bin Sensor
  • 6 Beep – Low Voltage supplied to Machine
  • 7 Beep – High Voltage Supplied to Machine

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Why is My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping Once?

If you walk into your Kansas or Missouri business and notice a Hoshizaki single beep alarm, it means the thermistor has reached 127 degrees Fahrenheit. At these temperatures, the ice machine is likely overheating due to one of many potential problems. A Hoshizaki one-beep alarm will also cause the ice machine to shut off to prevent further damage to the unit.

Shutting down into a safe mode is great for protecting your unit from further damage, but it also won’t provide ice during this time. If you run a Kansas or Missouri-based business that is experiencing a one-beep alarm, aim to get the issue resolved ASAP. Backup ice from a store is not cheap. Ice can cost a considerable amount of money if the machine is not repaired over the course of a few days.

There are many causes of a Hoshizaki single beep alarm, some include:

  • Hot water entering the ice machine
  • Water not reaching the ice machine
  • Issues with the hot gas valve

Hot water entering your ice machine is the most common cause of a one-beep alarm. A hot summer, nearby heat-producing appliances, or water migrating from another appliance can heat up the water enough to trigger a one-beep alarm.

If you notice your ice machine shutting down into a one-beep code, shut the ice machine down and call a qualified ice machine technician in Kansas or Missouri right away.

Why is My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping Twice?

A Hoshizaki 2 beep alarm happens when your ice machine encounters two extended harvest cycles in a row.

During a Hoshizaki ice maker’s harvest cycle, the machine’s control board will start a 20-minute timer. Within that 20 minutes, the ice machine’s thermistor (the same mechanism we mentioned above) must register 48 degrees before the harvest can end.

If the thermistor does not reach 48 degrees within 20 minutes, the machine will instead run the freeze cycle over again. If the ice machine encounters another extended harvest cycle, the machine will shut down and initiate a 2-beep alarm.

Some causes of a Hoshizaki two-beep alarm include:

  • Ice machine freeze ups due to:
    • Dirty plates
    • Warped/Bent/Damaged Plates
    • Not enough water flow available to your ice machine
    • Cold ambient air temperature
    • Cold ambient water temperature
  • Low Temperatures (common during Chicago winters)
  • No Water Going to the Machine

You should treat a two-beep alarm the same way you would treat any Hoshizaki beep code. Make sure to shut off the ice machine and call a local Kansas or Missouri ice machine service as soon as you can.

Why is My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping Three Times?

A Hoshizaki three-beep alarm occurs when the machine encounters two elongated freeze cycles in a row.

The freeze cycle is the point when the ice machine works to produce a batch of ice. To make ice, the machine flows water over a cold evaporator plate until it freezes. The length of the freeze cycle depends on air and water temperatures and how much water in your ice machine’s reservoir.

During the freeze cycle, the ice machine starts a timer. During this time, the ice machines float switch measures the amount of water in the machine’s reservoir. If the float switch reaches its low point by the time the timer has ended, it signals the end of the freeze cycle. From there the machine starts the harvest cycle and begins to collect the ice.

“Elongated” freeze cycles happen when some issue slows the ice-making process down.

Here are just some of the causes of a Hoshizaki three-beep code:

  • Mechanical problems:
    • Clogged check valves
    • Ice maker is leaking
  • Refrigeration problems:
    • A hot gas valve stuck open
    • A low amount of refrigerant in the system
  • Problems caused by improper care:
    • Dirty air filters
    • Dirty Condensers
    • Overly hot temperatures
    • Lack of ventilation

Here are a few things a Kansas or Missouri business owner should do if they encounter a three-beep alarm.

If you own an air cooled ice machine, make sure dirt isn’t clogging your air filter. If so, rinse the filter with soap and water and reset your industrial ice maker.

Ice machines in overly hot rooms (especially over 90 degrees Fahrenheit) can also cause a three-beep alarm. If this is the case, lower the thermostat on your AC unit. Commercial ice machines work best when the air around the machine is around 70 degrees.

Low ventilation can also cause a three-beep code. If you notice any clutter away around the ice machine (particularly near the air vent) make sure to move these items as soon as you can. If the machine is installed in a small room, try opening the door and aim a fan to move the hot air away from the unit.

If none of these tips help, call a professional right away. It could be an issue with your plumbing or inside the ice maker itself.

A Good Technician Can Diagnose Problems Quickly

Finding a quality ice machine service can save your Kansas or Missouri business money in repairs. The faster a technician can resolve an issue, the less you will pay in labor and time. Many standard refrigeration technicians are not familiar with a Hoshizaki ice machine’s alarms. Even Manitowoc ice machines use a series of error codes to identify potential issues. The longer it takes a technician to figure out the underlying issue, the more you pay for ice machine service and backup ice.

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2 Comments on “What Does it Mean When My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Is Beeping?”

  1. My ice machine is beep 2 times. It has been struggling to make ice for the past 3 weeks. I think it’s due to lack of water. The plates look clean.

    1. Hello Chris, The two-beep alarm can indeed be caused by the ice machine not getting enough water. There are several things that could cause the ice machine to not get enough water, including:
      -Ice maker is leaking
      -The water line is frozen or plugged shut
      -Dirty Water Filter
      -Faulty Water Inlet Valve
      -Another appliance pulling water from the ice machine (dishwasher, sink, etc)

      If you think the issue is with ice machine itself, we suggest contacting an ice machine service company ASAP. If the issue may be outside the ice maker, you’ll need to contact a plumber.

      Thanks for reaching out!

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