A Simple Guide to Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning

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Hoshizaki ice machine cleaning

It’s necessary for Kansas and Missouri businesses to keep thier Hoshizaki ice machines clean so that their customers or employees can have safe, sanitary ice. In order to clean a Hoshizaki ice maker properly and avoid health code violations, it requires both disinfecting and sanitizing. Going above and beyond when taking care of your machine will help keep your ice supply safe and ready for use.

Cleaning a commercial ice maker involves not only washing away dirt and grime but disinfecting and sanitizing the area as well. Disinfecting is the process of using chemicals to kill microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, then rinsing the solution away. Sanitizing uses a lower concentration of chemicals to drop the number of bacteria to federally recognized health standards.

Cleaning Your Hoshizaki Ice Machine Bin

Your Hoshizaki ice bin is crucial for keeping a sanitary and secure ice supply before use. Nobody wants unsafe ice, which is why cleaning your ice bin, along with both disinfecting and sanitizing, are extremely important.

Ice bins are particularly prone to slime and mold growth, so it is essential that you keep them clean to keep up with ice safety. In dark, humid conditions, mold and slime grow especially fast feeding on the dust and yeast particles in the air.

Hoshizaki ice bins are made of vinyl or stainless steel and a polyurethane lining, making them easier to clean. The liner is pretreated with antimicrobial agents which help inhibit microbe growth.

You can look into the list created by the FDA to find food-grade sanitizers and cleaners that help to rid ice bins of mold and slime that may have formed.

We Keep Hoshizaki Ice Machines Clean

Ensure your Hoshizaki ice machine is always in top shape. Let us take care of your Hoshizaki commercial ice maker maintenance and cleaning while you focus on your business.

Disinfecting Your Ice Bin

  1. Clean any visible dirt or grime from the bin’s surface and liner
  2. Spray the affected surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfectant
  3. Wipe off bin to get rid of debris and check the area to ensure its rinsed properly

Sanitizing Your Ice Bin

  1. After disinfecting the bin, apply the food-grade sanitizer
  2. Let the bin air dry

Cleaning Your Hoshizaki Ice Maker’s Exterior

The exterior of a Hoshizaki ice maker is made of stainless steel which helps to maintain a clean-looking finish. Nevertheless, microorganisms that you cannot see can still contaminate the outside of the bin.

Weekly disinfecting and sanitizing of your Hoshizaki ice machine equipment can help minimize pollutants from food or other contaminants that can make customers or employees unwell.

Remember, there are several disinfectant and sanitizing agents registered with EPA or FDA that can do the job. Check the directions on the label before using.

If you are going to use bleach, DO NOT mix it with other cleaners. The combination can create harmful, poisonous fumes which can cause breathing problems.

Disinfecting Your Ice Maker’s Exterior

Here’s how you can disinfect the exterior of your commercial Hoshizaki ice maker:

  1. In any soiled area, pre-wash with warm water
  2. Wipe the unit with the disinfectant approved by the EPA
  3. Let the solution sit for 5 minutes, at least
  4. Rinse the machine with warm water and allow to dry

Sanitizing Your Ice Maker’s Exterior

  1. Wipe the area with an EPA-approved sanitizer or a mixture of 2 teaspoons of bleach to one gallon of water to sanitize further.
  2. Let the unit dry

Cleaning Your Hoshizaki Ice Maker’s Evaporator

Evaporators are prone to scale from hard water that enters your ice maker. Although hard water is not a major problem in most areas, it can be for places in Kansas and Missouri, like Kansas City or Topeka.

Hoshizaki makes stainless-steel evaporators which holds up to many acid-based cleaners. Many other brands need a special nickel-safe cleaner to avoid damage. For Hoshizaki ice makers, we recommend using Nu-Calgon Ice Machine Cleaner or Duda Food Grade 85 percent Phosphoric Acid.

Since Hoshizaki evaporators are made of high-grade stainless-steel, opening the plate and scrubbing the inside is not very convenient. However, there’s still a simple way to clean your Hoshizaki evaporator.

Disinfecting Your Hoshizaki Evaporator

  1. Remove all ice from the bin
  2. Open the front panel of the ice machine and set it to “off.”
  3. Remove the tube on the righthand side of the sump pipe. This tube will drain water into the bin. Once the sump drains replace the tube.
  4. Most KM systems come with a cleaning valve.  If you have this kind of machine, you will need to open the valve. (The valve must be closed for the machine to make ice)
  5. Turn on the “wash” setting for your ice machine. KML units have a different toggle switch that you will have to switch to “service.”
  6. Add your sump cleaner when the water starts flowing.
  7. For 30 minutes, run the wash cycle, then set the system back to “off”. Remove the pump tube to drain the sump again.
  8. Change the setting to “ice” on the unit and wait 3 minutes. Set to “off” and then remove the hose to drain the sump for the third time.
  9. Set the machine to “ice,” then remove the first batch of ice from the unit.

Sanitizing Your Hoshizaki Evaporator

Using the same method for disinfecting, sanitize your Hoshizaki evaporator is simple. Instead of using the phosphoric cleaners you used to disinfect, you’ll use a diluted bleach solution, like Clorox Standard Bleach2 and water.

The concentration of bleach-to-water is about 2 teaspoons per gallon of water that your sump can hold. A 3-gallon sump ice machine would then need a mixture of three gallons of water and six teaspoons of bleach (about 1 oz).

Make sure you rinsed thoroughly during the disinfecting process before sanitizing (steps 8 and 9 above). The cleaners you used can be harmful when mixed with the bleach you used to sanitize the unit.

Professional Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning is Still Necessary

Apart from following a daily ice machine cleaning schedule, ice machines require professional care. An ice machine technician will thoroughly clean, disinfect and sanitize the machine inside and out. Professional Hoshizaki ice machine cleaning is the best way to remove the built-up scale that cannot be cleaned with daily care. You could be looking at an expensive Hoshizaki ice machine repair if you don’t keep up with professional maintenance.

You should plan for at least two professional cleanings a year. If your ice machine is in an environment like a brewery in Kansas City (that have a lot of airborne yeast), more routine ice machine service may be needed. Good cleaning not only helps to provide you with a safe, reliable supply of ice but it also helps your machine work in the best possible condition.

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