How to Choose a Great Physical Therapy Ice Machine

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Physical Therapy Ice Machine

One thing is for sure, Kansas and Missouri love their sports teams! Physical therapy ice machines play an important role in sports. It’s an excellent way for athletes to reduce swelling and inflammation in muscles and joints. Ice also helps muscles recover after a long day of training. There are many different types of ice on the market – and not all perform equally when it comes to physical therapy.   

Ice-Masters has provided physical therapy ice machines to clinics throughout Kansas and Missouri for decades. While many machines on the market make ice, therapists want the very best for their patients. Let’s go over the different types of ice machines and which are best for treating sports injuries.  

Flaked Physical Therapy Ice Machines

Flake ice is a popular shape of ice for treating injuries because it’s soft and malleable. Flake ice is common in seafood and produce displays because it holds food in place and keeps it cool in the process.

As it turns out, flake ice works very well in cold compresses, too. Once the ice is in a bag, it can form fit around difficult joints, like elbows and knees, providing even cooling.

Flake ice may not be the best choice for ice baths. Since flake ice is small and soft, it melts more quickly in water than cubed ice.

Flake physical therapy ice machines (or ice chip makers) come in a range of sizes, producing anywhere between 300-1500 pounds of ice. Larger units (1800-2200 pounds) tend to be either water-cooled or remote units.

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Nugget Physical Therapy Ice Machines

If you want a moldable ice shape like flake ice but with more structure, nugget ice is for you! Nugget ice goes by many names like cubelet ice, pellet ice, or Sonic ice (named after the popular drive-up food chain).

Commercial nugget ice makers are the most popular choice in Kansas and Missouri hospitals and healthcare clinics. The ice that these hospital ice makers produces helps hydrate patients who may have a hard time swallowing liquid.

Physical and sports therapy clinics use nugget ice because it’s great when treating sports injuries and swelling. Despite having more structure than flake ice, nugget ice is still malleable, making it a great ice choice when treating elbow, knees, and other joint injuries. Nugget ice is also soft enough on plastic bags that it won’t cause tears and leak all over patients.

Nugget ice machines produce between 80-1300 pounds of ice a day, so they’ll fit just about any sized facility.

Physical Therapy Ice Makers

Cubed ice machines (also called cubers) produce many popular ice shapes like crescent ice, dice ice, and traditional square ice. These are great choices for bars and restaurants that need a hard and slow-melting ice cube to keep beverages cold for extended periods. However, these cubes aren’t always the best choice for treating injuries.

Cubed ice can be challenging to use in cold compresses. Hard, geometric shapes placed in a bag have a hard time making full contact with an area, especially knees and elbows. Also, hard cubes can melt to a point, which can tear through plastic bags, causing water to leak out of the bag.

That doesn’t mean that cubers can’t make a good physical therapy ice machine. Ice baths are a common way athletes recuperate from a day of hard training. Cubed ice melts slower than other specialty ice types, so the water in the bath stays colder for longer.

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