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Even the best commercial ice machine can decide to break down any time of day. But that’s where we come in! Since most industries that require ice 24/7 don’t just operate between 9 and 5, neither do we. If you ever have a problem with your ice machine, you can give one of our experts a call on our 24/7 customer service line.

Once a technician is at your Kansas or Missouri location, they’ll work to get you up and running in no time. In the meantime, Ice-Masters will even provide your business with replacement ice at no extra charge. We go above and beyond for you so you can do the same for your customers!

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Quality Service for the Best Commercial Ice Machines

Our company has been servicing ice machines since 1951. Our team has years of experience keeping ice machines running at 100%. Between our friendly customer services representatives and expert technical team, we do everything to make sure your ice machine is producing clean, clear ice for your customers. We’ve even included an in-depth Ice Maker Troubleshooting and FAQ page that answers some of the common problems that ice machine’s experience. Feel free to read through them before making a service call. You may find that the solution is easily solved without technical support.

  • Ice Maker Troubleshooting

    Even when you keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning, ice makers still encounter problems from time to time. Most of the problems have simple fixes, and one of our customer service representatives can walk you through the solution. We’ve listed the most common issues in our Ice Maker Troubleshooting Guide which you can read by clicking below. Troubleshooting Guide

  • Customer Care FAQ

    We do everything we can to keep your ice maker running with our ice maker service program and full-service rentals on the best commercial ice machines available. But we still want our customers to help maintain it as well. If you want to guarantee your ice maker stays in peak condition, you’ll have to perform some light cleaning every few days and maintain an ideal temperature around the ice maker. Click below to read our Customer Care FAQ which answers the most common questions about our program. Customer Care FAQ

  • Canceling your Rental

    If you ever wish to cancel your ice machine rental, we dedicated a page entitled Canceling your Rental to answer all your questions. Click below to learn more. Canceling your Lease

The Best Commerical Ice Machine Service from the Ice Experts

 If you need ice maker service, give us a call any time. We’ll work to get you up and running in no time flat!