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If you wish to cancel your ice maker, please contact us and give us 30-days to schedule a time to pick up the ice machine.

Below are the stipulations when canceling your commercial ice machine lease:

Canceling Before 12 Months

Upon signing a 12-month rental agreement, you will pay the first month’s charge along with an additional set-up fee equal to the first month’s payment. With that in mind, here is what you’ll expect if you choose to cancel your ice maker rental:

  • Your Set-up Fee is Forfeit Before 12 Months

    We allow customers to cancel at any time due to financial distress, closing business, or if you’re simply unhappy with our service. Just know that if you have been a customer with us for less than 12 months, you will forfeit your initial set-up fee, but you will be free from the terms of your contract.

  • We Ask For 30-Days' Notice

    Deinstalling and retrieving an ice machine is difficult work. For that reason, we ask that you give us 30-days’ notice so we can schedule a good time to collect our ice machine.

Canceling After 12 Months

We return your initial set-up fee if you have been with us for longer than 12 months, provided you meet the following terms:

  • The Equipment is in Good Condition

    We understand that ice machines will receive normal wear and tear from daily use, but if we find substantial damage to the equipment due to misuse or neglect you will forfeit your initial set-up fee.

  • Non-Payment

    Please contact us as soon as possible if you plan to cancel your rental. Do not attempt to cancel the rental by stopping payment. Late payments due to insufficient funds are subject to a $35 fee. You will also forfeit your set-up fee and may be responsible for the terms of your agreement if we are forced to retrieve the equipment due to extended non-payment.

Your Responsibilities

  • Please Take Care of the Equipment

    Workplaces are hectic, and we expect the usual amount of wear and tear, but keep in mind, just because you’re canceling your ice maker rental, doesn’t mean we’re done with the equipment. As we stated above, customers will forfeit their initial set-up fee and could be charged additional fees for extensive damage.

  • Do Not Sell Our Equipment with Your Business

    If you plan on selling your business, please let us know in advance, and we’ll be glad to cancel your ice maker rental. Know that rented equipment is your responsibility and will not change hands in the event you sell your business to a new party.

Questions About Your Ice Maker Rental?

If you ever have questions about the terms of your ice maker rental, give us a call at 913-631-6900, and we’ll be glad to go over the details with you!