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Commercial Ice Makers for Any Industry

A commercial ice maker is a necessity for many industries across Kansas and Missouri – even if those needs are different. Restaurants and bars need ice for drinks, while hospitals need ice for wound care and to hydrate patients who can’t swallow liquids. There all kinds of uses for ice, and we’re sure to have a machine for your business!

We’ve been supplying commercial ice makers to Kansas and Missouri businesses since 1951, and we’ve helped just about every industry that has an ice need.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, our team of experts will find the best ice machine to fit your business. We also provide full service, maintenance, and cleaning, to make sure your rental or purchase provides ice for years to come!

Industries We Serve

Industries We Provide with Commerical Ice Makers:

  • Bars and Restaurants

    Most people think bars and restaurants only use ice for drinks. The truth is, ice is important for all kinds of needs. We can size you for a commercial ice maker that produces plenty of ice for food prep, salad bars, and bar troughs. Learn more about bar and restaurant ice makers.

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  • Hotels

    Hotels, motels, and resorts need a hotel ice machine on just about every floor. Guests also need ice 24 hours a day, so you can’t afford to have your ice machine go down without service in the middle of the night. We have plenty of hotel ice machines and 24-hour service lines to keep your guests happy.

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  • Healthcare

    Hospitals serve ice to patients who need special care. We have commercial ice makers that are perfectly suited for hospitals and clinics. If you need an ice maker or dispenser that produces soft, chewable nugget ice for compresses and patients, we have a full line of options to fit any healthcare facility. Learn more about our hospital ice machine offerings.

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  • Offices

    A well-stocked office break room keeps employees happy and productive – that includes ice! Ice helps employees stay refreshed all day long. We have a huge selection of office ice machines and ice and water dispensers for your office.

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  • Large Facilities

    Industrial ice machines are the best way to keep employees hydrated and refreshed. We have a commercial ice maker in any size you need to provide ice to the largest factories, manufacturing plants, or transportation companies.

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  • Recreation

    Parks, country clubs, and gyms need ice for active customers who work up a sweat. With a high-capacity ice machine, you can be sure your recreation facility has plenty of ice on hand – even during the hot, summer months!

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  • Food Stores

    Whether you need ice for soft drinks or to provide bagged ice for customers, we have ice makers that can produce any shape of ice cube you prefer. We have plenty of ice dispensers for self-serve areas and ice bagging machines so you can keep your freezer stocked.

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No Matter the Need, We Have a Commercial Ice Maker for You.

No matter the industry, we have an inventory full of commercial ice machines at any size. Our experts can help you pick the perfect machine for your business.