A Quick Guide to Manitowoc Fault Codes

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Manitowoc Fault Codes

Every so often, a commercial ice machine may run into problems. Many commercial ice machine equipment manufacturers design fail-safes and alerts to help users and technicians diagnose problems quickly. Manitowoc NXT ice machines use a series of notifications that inform ice machine owners in Kansas and Missouri to potential problems within the unit. There are 36 Manitowoc fault codes that cover a range of potential problems that can occur.

Note that this list is only for reference. If you’re an Ice Masters customer and have received one of these notifications, call us as soon as you can. We’ll send one of our qualified ice machine technicians to your Kansas or Missouri business as soon as possible.

Please do not attempt to reset the machine or fix the issue yourself. Manitowoc ice makers are complicated machines. Attempting to fix the machine yourself could damage the unit.

24/7 Ice Machine Service

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A List of Manitowoc Fault Codes

Manitowoc fault codes cover everything from production issues to display screen problems. Fault codes will display on your Manitowoc Indigo NXT touchscreen.

Error Code Description
E01 Long Freeze Cycle
E02 Long Harvest Cycle
E03 Input Power Loss
E04 High Condenser Temperature
E05 High Pressure Control Opened
E07 Starving TXV Single Evaporator or Low On Charge
E08 TXV Fault Single or Dual Circuit Evaporators
E09 Flooding Evaporator Fault Single Evaporator, Single Circuit
E10 Flooding Evaporator Fault Dual TXV, Dual Circuit
E11 Refrigeration Fault Curtain Fault
E12 Curtain Switch Fault – Open more than 24 hours
E15 Fan Cycle Control Fault – Low Liquid Line Temperature
E16 Remote Condensing Unit Fault (CVD Only)
E19 Ice Thickness Probe Fault
E20 Water System Fault
E21 T1 Temperature Sensor Issue
E22 T2 Temperature Sensor Issue
E23 T3 Temperature Sensor Issue
E24 T4 Temperature Sensor Issue
E25 Bin Level Probe Low Sensor Fault
E26 T6 or T7 Temperature Sensor Issue
E27 T6 or T7 Temperature Sensor Issue
E28 iAuCS
E29 USB Communication Fault
E30 USB Download Fault
E31 Safe Mode
E32 RS485 Communication Fault
E33 Touchscreen Fault
E34 Display Fault
E36 Check Sum Error
E37 Watch Dog Event
E38 UI Comm Event

What to Do If You See a Manitowoc Fault Code

If you run a Kansas or Missouri business and your Manitowoc commercial ice maker is displaying one of these codes, you can call one of our qualified ice machine technicians. Manitowoc fault codes can have any number of root causes. One of our experienced ice machine technicians can run a series of tests to see what’s causing your Manitowoc ice machine issue. We also include the cost of ice machine cleaning, maintenance, and repairs in our Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machine lease and rental program.

If you’re in need of Manitowoc ice machine service you can contact us anytime, 24/7, if the machine is showing a code or not working as it should.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

2 Comments on “A Quick Guide to Manitowoc Fault Codes”

  1. Our indigo nxt ice machine always E01 code and E20 but the machine is brand new almost a week of purchased?

    1. Hello Jeffrey,

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us. With those alerts, The E01 is a long freeze alert and the E20 is a water fault. Check to make sure your ice machine is getting plenty of water and also make sure the water level sensor located in the reservoir area is mounted all the way up. If the water level sensor is lower than it should be, the machine will not have enough water to make a batch of ice and will create both of those error codes. If you’re still experiencing problems, reach out to a technician for professional service.


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