Manitowoc Ice Makers

Manitowoc is known for building some of the most reliable and energy-efficient ice makers on the market. Manitowoc builds energy efficient ice machines that keep utility costs low. Manitowoc ice makers are also easily serviceable, cutting cleaning and maintenance times.

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Manitowoc Ice Bins

We have a huge selection of Manitowoc ice bins ranging between 400 - 1200 lbs of ice a day. We also have Koolaire ice bins from Manitowoc as well.

Manitowoc Air-Cooled Ice Makers

Manitowoc air cooled ice machines cool are efficient and cost-effective. We have sizes ranging from 400 - 3000 lbs of ice a day.

Manitowoc Water Cooled Ice Maker

Manitowoc water cooled ice machines are great for businesses that have limited ventilation. They sue water, rather than air, to cool condensers.

Manitowoc Remote Ice Makers

Manitowoc remote ice machines come in two parts: the ice maker machine and the condensing unit. This set-up limits unwanted heat and sound inside businesses.

An Easy Ice subscription is the simplest way to get a leading Manitowoc ice machine along with preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for a low monthly cost. Our preventive maintenance program keeps Manitowoc ice makers running efficiently and increases their overall lifespan.


Types of Ice for Manitowoc Ice Makers

Dice Ice

Dice Ice

If you're looking for a cube that elevates the look of soft drinks or fancy cocktails, look no further than Manitowoc's dice ice. This cube is square and symmetrical.
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Square Ice

Regular Ice

Manitowoc Regular cubes are a rectangular cube that is large and slow-melting. This cube is great for cocktails and top-shelf whiskeys.
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Nugget Ice

Nugget Ice

Cubelet ice (nugget ice) is a popular ice shape in schools and hospitals. The cube is soft, so it's easy on teeth. They are also popular in many bars that serve specialty drinks.
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Flake Ice

Flake Ice

Flake ice is a soft and malleable ice type that creates dazzling food displays. Flake ice can also be used in place of crushed ice for drinks.
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An Ice-Masters rental comes with everything you need to provide ice to your customers, guests, or employees. With a rental you get a top-of-the-line Manitowoc ice maker along with preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for a low monthly cost.