Is a Manitowoc Indigo NXT Ice Machine Right for My Business?

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Manitowoc Indigo NXT ice machine

Manitowoc ice makers are some of the best commercial ice machine brands for Kansas or Missouri businesses. Manitowoc makes ice makers that are energy-efficient and easily serviced. Manitowoc’s Indigo NXT ice machine models are the newest series in the Indigo line and come with a ton of features. NXT ice machines feature a new touchscreen display, energy-saving technology, and increased sanitization measures to ensure your business’s ice supply stays clean and safe.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the new Manitowoc NXT Indigo ice makers.

Manitowoc Indigo NXT Touchscreen Technology

The biggest new addition to the Indigo line is the redesigned easyTouch display. The touchscreen display alerts owners and technicians the status of their commercial ice machine, potential problems with the system, and contact information to find the nearest Manitowoc ice machine service provider.

Here are some of the new functions available on the Manitowoc NXT ice machine:

Quick Installation: Users can quickly set up their easyTouch display using the NXT’s 12-step setup wizard. This system allows owners to quickly set-up their easyTouch display and personalizes it to their business’s needs. Configure date and time, set up additional accessories, import data, schedule cleaning notifications, and automate which days you want to shut your ice machine off and on.

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Status Updates: The display screen shows users the current status of their ice machine as well as how much ice is in the bin. There are four status phases: program mode, making ice, machine off, or when your Manitowoc ice bin is full.

Alerts and Notifications: Small issues in an ice machine can lead to larger problems down the road. The easyTouch display helps to alert owners of these issues early, so they can contact a service provider as quickly as possible. The easyTouch display uses one of 34 Manitowoc faults codes to alert users of a potential problem. The display will also let users know when their machine is due for professional Manitowoc ice machine cleaning or maintenance.

Service Locator: The Manitowoc NXT Indigo ice machine can be configured to show you the nearest service provider in Kansas or Missouri. The easyTouch display will pull up qualified maintenance companies in your area for quick service.

Diagnostic Readout: The easyTouch system will monitor the status of your Manitowoc ice machine throughout the day and maintain a running status log. Technicians can download machine data through a USB port, which can help them quickly diagnose the issue and get it resolved.

Increased Energy-Efficiency

Manitowoc has long been known to produce some of the most energy-efficient ice machines in the market. The NXT series was designed to further exceed the Department of Energy standards for energy efficiency. Many NXT models are Energy Star approved. Energy Star ice machines use 15% less energy than other commercial ice equipment on the market. That means your Kansas or Missouri-based business saves money in utility costs – increasing your bottom line.

Improved Sanitization Features

Manitowoc ice machines have always been easy to clean and service. The new NXT series is designed so technicians can remove and replace components even more easily. This cuts down on Manitowoc ice machine repair and service time so you can get back to serving your customers and employees.

The NXT series’ AlphaSan antimicrobial treatment helps to hinder the growth of mold, slime, and other contaminants that can make your customers or employees sick.

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