Is a Nugget Ice Maker Machine Right for My Business?

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A nugget ice maker machine is the go-to ice maker for many different businesses. Nugget ice is soft and chewable, with many uses from cooling beverages, treating injuries, and hydrating patients.

Want to know if a commercial nugget ice maker is right for your business? We show you why nugget ice is so prized among ice enthusiasts, and how it’s used in a range of industries.

What is Nugget Ice?

Nugget ice goes by a few names depending on the manufacturer of the ice machine. You might here nugget ice referred to as cubelet ice, chewblet ice, hospital ice, and Sonic ice – after the drive-in restaurant. Whatever you call it, nugget ice is famous for its soft and chewable texture. It’s popular with people who enjoy chewing ice but don’t want to hurt their teeth in the process.

Nugget ice maker machines are most common in the Southern US, but you can find fans all over the country! Actor Matthew McConaughey has a nugget ice maker machine installed in his home.

From a business standpoint, a nugget ice maker machine has many uses, depending on the industry.

Nugget Ice Maker Machine for Restaurants and Bars

One of the reasons commercial nugget ice makers are popular is because nugget ice is soft, chewable, and takes on the flavor of drinks.
The flavor benefits of nugget ice are most apparent at Sonic locations around the country. The soft and porous texture absorbs the flavor of sugary drinks – which is why their signature slushes just don’t taste the same with other ice cubes. Customers can chew on sugary cubes even after the drink is finished.

Restaurants that serve a lot of soft drinks, like delis, use nugget ice for the same purpose as Sonic does. Drinks have a different taste, and they can chew on the cubes later on.

Bars and restaurants that serve sweet tropical cocktails, like Mai Tais or Margaritas, also prefer to use nugget ice for all the reasons we listed.

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Nugget Ice Maker Machine for Hospitals and Clinics

Commercial nugget ice makers were originally designed to serve the needs of hospitals and healthcare clinics. Patients sometimes have a hard time swallowing liquid, so nugget ice is a great way to hydrate them throughout the day.   ‘

Patients can chew on the ice and hydrate as the cubes melt, taking in water a little at a time.

Flake ice is also suitable for this purpose.

Nugget Ice Maker Machine for Physical Therapy

A commercial nugget ice maker is great for treating injuries like sprains and bruised elbows. This is why nugget ice is an excellent choice for physical therapy and sports medicine clinics. Since nugget ice is also moldable, it has an easier time cooling around elbows and knees, which can be hard to apply a cold compress to. Nugget ice provides an even cooling area, treating these areas more effectively.

Another reason nugget ice is better than traditional ice cubes is that they won’t tear through plastic bags. Square or crescent ice cubes tend to become jagged as it melts, which can easily cut a hole in a cold compress. Patients can sometimes become soaked with icy, cold water while treating an injury. Nugget ice is rounded, so it rarely melts to a sharp edge.

Nugget Ice Maker Machines for Elementary Schools

Kids are big fans of chewing ice, but they don’t always understand that it poses a risk to their tiny teeth.
Unlike large ice cubes, nugget ice has a high water to ice ratio, which means it never freezes rock solid. Chewing on more traditional cubes can damage tooth enamel or chip teeth as they chew.

Nugget ice, on the other hand, is like biting into packed snow, making it easier on your children’s teeth.

Nugget ice maker machines are also a great addition to school nurse stations.

Kids tend to play rough, which can lead to a lot of bumps and bruises. Nugget ice treats these injuries in the same way physical therapy physicians use it to treat patients.

Finally, since kids are fans of sugary drinks, nugget ice is a great choice for their sodas and fruit beverages!

Nugget Ice Maker Machines Are Useful in Many Business Settings

Although a nugget ice maker machines were designed for hospitals and clinics, doesn’t mean they’re not an excellent choice for other industries, as well! Bar patrons, students, and even A-list movie stars are fans of nugget ice in their favorite drinks.

A nugget ice maker might be right for your business as well! We sell and rent nugget ice maker models for all businesses. Take a look at some of our nugget ice machines today! We have a huge selection of affordable ice machines for sale in Kansas City, Wichita, Topeka, Sedalia, and surrounding areas.

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