Nugget Ice Maker Models are Perfect for Restaurants, Hospitals, and Schools

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Not every business wants a hard ice cube. Hospitals and schools prefer a nugget ice maker to produce soft, chewable ice cube that is easy on teeth and a good choice for cold compresses. A nugget ice machine is also a good option for restaurants and sandwich shops that specialize in serving sugary soft drinks and cocktails.

Nugget Ice Maker Models Come in All Sizes

Nugget ice maker models produce nugget ice in sizes ranging from 3/8” to ½” in width and length. Whether you’re looking for a nugget ice machine and bin or a nugget ice dispenser for self-serve stations, we have all kinds of options. We offer nugget ice maker models that produce up to 800 lbs of ice a day!

Nugget Ice Maker Models for School and Healthcare Use

Nugget ice has been a popular choice for schools and hospitals because of its soft and chewable texture. Since these cubes are soft, they won’t cause damage to teeth and present less of a choking hazard to small children.

In the healthcare industry, nugget ice helps patients stay hydrating even if they have a hard time swallowing liquid. Nugget ice is also moldable, which makes it an excellent option for cold compresses. The ice forms a pocket around knees and elbows, providing an even cooling surface.

Nugget Ice Retains the Flavor of Drinks

Nugget ice is popular in many soda shops across the nation because the cube’s porous nature retains the flavor of sugary drinks. Ice cubes become a sweet and refreshing treat after customers finish their beverage. Nugget ice is also a good choice for certain cocktails that use crushed ice, like margaritas.

Key Specifics:

Ice TypeCubelet Ice/Nugget Ice
Available ModelsHoshizaki: C-101 (standard) F-330-C (standard) F-450-C (standard) F-801-C (standard) F-1002-C (standard) F-1501-C (standard) F-2001-C (standard) FD-650-C (standard) FD-1002-C (standard) FS-1022-C (standard) DCM-300 (standard)
Manitowoc: Manitowoc ice machine models available for special circumstances
WidthVaries in size
DepthVaries in size
HeightVaries in size

Technical Documents

Manitowoc IceHoshizaki Ice

Nugget Ice Maker Models for Businesses

Nugget ice is soft and chewable which gives it a ton of business uses beyond just drinks. We have plenty of nugget ice makers and dispensers to choose from.