Manitowoc dice ice machines provide sleek, square-shaped cubes that dress up any drink. With the well-known Manitowoc rhomboid shape, dice ice has a classic square ice shape with signature style. Dice ice machines work well at large restaurants or bars needing a classic cube for all kinds of drinks.  These machines come in a variety of sizes that can produce between 500-1900lbs of dice ice per day. 

With Manitowoc ice machines, you’ll be getting one of the most energy-efficient and easy to service machines on the market. Putting quality first, Manitowoc machines only use the cleanest water in order to produce the clearest cubes guaranteed. A dice ice machine can help you save on time and money with quicker maintenance calls and lower utility bills.  

Icemasters commercial ice machine rental program provides you with a Manitowoc dice ice machine as well as preventative maintenance, cleanings and repairs. For one low monthly cost, you can benefit from all this as well as our 24/7 customer service line for any problems that come up day or night. If we can’t solve the problem over the phone, we will send one of our highly trained technicians to you as soon as possible. Looking for a leading dice ice machine? Contact us today! 

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