Unique to Hoshizaki, stackable ice machines allow you to install multiple units on top of each other. This space-saving solution could potential double or even triple your daily ice production. TA stackable Hoshizaki ice maker can produce between 500-1800-lbs of ice per day depending on the unit. If your business is low on space with a high demand for ice, a stackable unit may solve the problemCall us today to speak with one of our Ice Machine Experts to see if a stackable ice machine is right for you.   

With Icemasters commercial ice machine rental program, you’ll receive an all-inclusive package with the machine, preventative maintenance, cleaning and repairs – for one low monthly charge! You won’t even need to worry about scheduling service, we’ll give you a call when it’s time and schedule it at your convenience Interested in a stackable ice machine? Contact our Ice Machine Experts! 

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