Water Cooled ice machines provide a great solution to this problem as they use water to flush away heat from the machine rather than cool air.  With a water cooled ice maker, you will be able to limit the amount of heat surrounding your machine which is great for smaller spaces. Give one of our Ice Machine Experts a call today to see what the best ice machine is  your business 

Icemasters commercial ice machine rental program includes Hoshizaki or Manitowoc water cooled machines, preventative maintenance, cleaning, and repairs – for one low monthly chargeWe keep track of your service appointments for you, saving you time and ensuring your machine stays in the best condition possible. If an issue ever comes up with your machines, give us a call at our 24/7 customer support line. If we can’t fix the problem over the phone, we’ll schedule an ice machine technician to come out as soon as possible.

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