Hoshizaki B-1300SS 48″ Ice Storage Bin with Stainless-Steel Finish


1,304 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki B-1300SS 48″  stainless-steel ice storage bin can hold up to 1304 lbs of ice. Each ice bin measures 48″ wide and 66″ tall and is a great option for businesses that need a large amount of ice. The B-1300 ice bin holds up to two 22″ ice machine, doubling your ice production rate. Universal top kits allow you to accommodate many Hoshizaki ice machine models.

The Hoshizaki B-1300SS ice storage bin is durable enough for the toughest work conditions and protects against stains and corrosion. Its sleek design makes it suited for kitchen or front-of-house use.

Each SS series ice bin comes with pouch-style doors which help prevent condensation that can cause rusting and ice to freeze together in the bin. Front-facing access doors give users the ability to inspect ice machine components or check the ice supply.