Hoshizaki B-1500SS 60″ Ice Storage Bin with Stainless-Steel Finish


1,500 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki B-1500 ice storage bin holds up to 1500 lbs of ice and measures 60″ wide and 62″ tall. The Hoshizaki B-1500 ice bin is made to supply businesses a large ice supply. This bin large can also support either two 22″ ice machines or two 30″ units side-by-side, for increased ice production and ample storage.

The SS Series ice bins are tough and durable to withstand the challenges of any workplace. The stainless-steel exterior protects against corrosion and stains.

The Hoshizaki B-1500 ice bin has a pouch-style door which prevents ice from clumping at the bottom of the bin. Two sliding doors help users inspect the ice machine or the ice supply.