Hoshizaki DKM-500


545 lbs/day

The DKM-500 is a standup ice dispenser and part of Hoshizaki’s Serenity Series, designed to limit noise and heat output. This unit’s dispensing zone is low to the ground and ADA compliant. It produces up to 545 lbs of ice a day and 200 lbs of built-in storage capacity. A great choice for hospitality settings.

Unlike most ice machines, the DKM-500 features an easily serviced one-piece stainless-steel design. This self-contained design limits the possibility of contamination and is easy to install. The push-button design delivers 13 lbs of ice a minute at the press of a button.

Crescent ice is one of Hoshizaki’s most popular ice shapes because it’s suitable for virtually any industry. The cubes are hard and clear, so drinks won’t water down and lose their flavor. Their rounded design also prevents splashing during pours, because liquid can cascade into glassware.