Manitowoc F-1300 48″ Ice Storage Bin with Stainless-Steel Finish


1,194 lbs/day

The Manitowoc F-1300 48″ ice storage bin with stainless-steel finish holds up to 1194 lbs of ice and measures 48″ wide and 63″ tall. This is a great companion ice bin for a high ice producing Manitowoc i-1900 ice machine.

F-Style bins come with a tough, stainless-steel exterior that withstands the harshest work environments. They’re easy to clean and protects against dirt and corrosion. Non-CFS foamed-in-place insulation keeps ice cold.

The Manitowoc F-1300 ice bin has a sliding ice gate that makes ice retrieval easy. The ice bin’s high-grade polyurethane lift door protects against impacts and excess condensation. The two sliding doors allow users to inspect the ice supply from above.