Hoshizaki F-1501


1,543 lbs/day

Hoshizaki’s F-1501 series ice maker comes in flake or cubelet ice (nugget ice) options to fit your business needs. At 32” wide, you can mount two units side-by-side on a 60” Hoshizaki bin to double your ice supply.

The standard F-1501 flake ice maker produces 1154 lbs of flake ice a day under standard conditions and up to 1543 lbs of ice a day under optimal air-water temperatures of 70/50-degrees.

The F-1501-C produces 1327 lbs of cubelet ice a day under standard temperatures and 1020 lbs of cubelet ice in 70/50-degree air and water temperatures.

The F-1501 flushes out minerals and particles that make ice cubes cloudy, so you get crystal clear ice every time. The unit’s auger system features a greaseless bearing design. The infrared bin control uses infrared beams to accurately measure the amount of ice in your bin and shuts down ice production when the bin is full.

Flake ice is popular for food and beverage displays. The ice is moldable, so you can form it into any shape you like. Drinks and food stay in place and remain fresh throughout the day. Flake ice is also soft on blenders. Great for businesses that serve a lot of blended drinks.

Cubelet ice (nugget ice) has a soft, chewable texture, but a bit more form than flake ice. Each cubelet ice cube is porous, so it retains the flavor of drinks. This ice style is very popular with hospitals and schools. The chewable texture of the cube allows patients who have a hard time swallowing liquid to remain hydrated. Kids who like to chew on ice don’t have to worry about damaging their teeth on harder, more traditional ice cubes.