Hoshizaki F-2001


2,073 lbs/day

The F-2001 can produce either flake or cubelet ice (nugget ice) depending on the model. Both versions of the F-2001 are high-volume ice machines. If 2000 lbs of ice isn’t enough, you can still mount two-unit side-by-side on any 60” Hoshizaki bin to double your ice production.

Hoshizaki’s flake ice unit (the F-2001) produces 1660 lbs of ice a day under standard conditions and can produce up to 2073 lbs of ice a day under optimal temperatures (air/water=70/50 degrees).

The F-2001-C produces 1500 lbs of soft, chewable cubelet ice a day under standard temperatures and up to 1832 lbs of cubelet ice a day under optimal temperatures.

The F-2001’s stainless-steel exterior repels dirt and protects against corrosion. The unit also flushes out mineral and particles that cloud ice, so your ice stays crisp and clear. The machine is also protected by H-Guard Plus Antimicrobial Agent, which defends against contamination.

Flake ice is a go-to choice for businesses with salad or seafood bars. Flake ice keeps items in place and keeps them fresh and cool for customers all day long. Flake ice also looks good in specialty cocktails like margaritas and mai tais. Much easier than crushing ice in a blender.

Cubelet ice is soft and chewable. A great option for children or patients who have a hard time swallowing. In a physical therapy setting, cubelet ice is a better choice for cold compresses than traditional square cubes which make it difficult to evenly cool over elbows and knees.