Hoshizaki KM-1301SRJ Remote Cooled Ice Machine


1,400 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KM-1300SRJ remote cooled ice machine is a stackable ice maker from Hoshizaki, which allows you to install two units on top of one another allowing for over 2600 lbs of ice a day. The Hoshizaki KM-1301SRJ produces up to 1247 lbs. of ice per day.

Unlike most ice makers, the Hoshizaki KM-1300SRJ water cooled ice machine produces each cube individually, so ice doesn’t clump in the ice bin.

Crescent ice is some of the hardest and slowest melting ice on the market, keeping drinks cool without watering down their flavor. The cubes rounded shape allows liquid to cascade into glassware, limiting spills and splashes. Studies show crescent ice can save businesses 15% on their drink yield.