Hoshizaki KMS-1122


1,151 lbs/day

The KMS-1122 is an excellent modular ice machine unit for businesses who have high ice needs, but need to keep the environment quiet. This unit produces 1075 lbs of ice a day under AHRI conditions. This unit measures 18” deep to fit on narrow counter-tops and accommodate most soda fountains and dispensers.

The KMS-830 has a remote-cooled condenser to keep the machine quiet and emit hot air outside of your business rather than around the machine. The EverCheck alert system lets users know if there is an issue with the ice machine and shuts it down to prevent further damage. H-Guard antimicrobial agent helps eliminate contaminants, so ice supplies stay clean and sanitary.

All KMS units produce Hoshizaki’s popular crescent ice shape, designed to save money and keep drinks cool. Each cube is formed individually, eliminating bridging commonly seen in other ice machine models. The cubes’ unique crescent shape prevents splashes and spills, saving businesses in lost product.