Manitowoc IR-1900A


1,800 lbs/day

Manitowoc’s IRT-1900 is an excellent choice for high-volume cocktail and whiskey bars. This unit produces 1350 lbs of ice a day under standard conditions, or up to 1800 lbs a day under optimal temperatures of 70/50 degree air and water.

The IRT series makes Manitowoc’s signature “Regular” cube, a large square-style cube that elevates the look of quality cocktails and keeps drinks cool without watering them down. Manitowoc’s unique “rhomboid” shape offers a twist on tradition square cubes.

Manitowoc ice machines are known for their ease of service. All components are easily accessible from the front of the unit, speeding up preventive maintenance and cleaning events. The NXT series features a touch screen display that alerts users to problems and keeps track of when maintenance and cleaning are needed.