Koolaire K-400 30″ Ice Storage Bin


365 lbs/day

The Koolaire K-400 30″ ice storage bin measures 32″ tall and stores up to 365 lbs of ice. Smaller establishments or businesses with modest ice needs can use this bin to accommodate Manitowoc ice makers like the i-500 and i-522.

The Koolaire k-400 ice bin has a stay-open door that makes it easy to grab ice. The door prevents condensation which can cause corrosion and ice clumping in the bin. This ice bin has an internal ice scoop holder to keep your ice scoop close and prevent contamination.

The Koolaire k-400 ice bin has a sleek looking finish, with jet black sides and a galvanized front. All K series bins come with four 6″ adjustable legs to work with differing drainage setups.

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