Koolaire K-570 30″ Ice Storage Bin


532 lbs/day

The Koolaire K-570 30″ ice storage bin stores up to 532 lbs of ice and measures 30″ wide. This ice bin works great with most low-volume Manitowoc ice machines like the i-500 and the i-522.

The Koolaire K-570 ice bin has a durable exterior that’s made for busy workplaces. It has a sleek, steel front with jet-black contouring on the sides. This ice bin is just as suitable for front-of-house use, as well. The exterior is easy to clean and maintain.

Each Koolaire K-570 ice bin has a stay-open bin door so you can serve drinks fast and easy. The door prevents condensation which can cause corrosion. The four adjustable legs help accommodate different drainage setups with ease.