Hoshizaki KM-1100


1,087 lbs/day

The KM-1100 crescent ice maker from Hoshizaki measures 30″ and produces 1087 lbs of ice a day under optimal temperatures and up to 1010 lbs of ice a day under standard 70/50-degree air and water temperatures. The KM-1100 is slender enough to mount two units side-by-side (ion bins 60″ and larger). This setup doubles your ice production rate to over 2000 lbs of ice a day.

KM series ice machines are tough and reliable. The stainless-steel exterior protects against dirt and corrosion. The KM evaporator produces each cube individually, so ice doesn’t stick together.

Crescent ice is one of the most popular commercial ice shapes. The design is meant to make drinks appear fuller and save money in the process. The rounded shape of the cube allows liquid to gently cascade into glassware, which reduces spills and splashes. Studies show crescent ice can save you 15% on your drink yield.