Hoshizaki KM-2200


2,221 lbs/day

Hoshizaki’s KM-2200 high-volume crescent ice maker produces 2200 lbs of ice a day under AHRI temperatures. A perfect choice for businesses that need a large amount of ice, like factories or markets.

The KM-2200 is the same size as the KM-2100, but with a little more bang for your berg. Choose between a water-cooled or remote condenser. It has a stainless-steel exterior that helps prevent stains and corrosion. Each unit is stackable, allowing users to double their ice production by stacking two units on top of one another.

The KM-2200 produces solid, clear crescent ice, which helps drinks look fuller and saves bars money. The cubes fill glasses and displace liquid better than standard square cubes. This makes drinks stand taller in a glass and appear fuller. The rounded, crescent shape also prevents liquids from splashing out of the glass when poured, saving you in product loss.