Hoshizaki KM-2600


2,482 lbs/day

The KM-2600 stackable crescent ice maker is one of Hoshizaki’s largest ice machines. It can produce a massive 2480 lbs of ice a day. If you have a business that requires a massive amount of ice, this machine fits the bill!

Like the KM-2100 and 2200, Hoshizaki’s KM-2600 is only 48” wide. If over 2400 lbs of ice isn’t enough for your business, you can stack two machines on top of one another for well over 2 tons of ice. Choose between water-cooled or remote condenser models.

Each KM cuber produces Hoshizaki’s crescent-shaped ice cube, which helps drinks maintain their flavor and save money on the process. Crescent ice is some of the clearest, slowest-melting ice on the market. Drinks stay fresher longer and won’t water down. Since crescent ice cubes have a rounded shape, they allow liquid to gently cascade into glassware without splashing.