Hoshizaki KM-340


404 lbs/day

The KM-340 crescent ice maker from Hoshizaki produces up to 315 lbs of ice a day under AHRI temperature conditions. It’s a great option for smaller businesses who need a modular ice machine that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The KM-340 durable stainless-steel exterior that repels dirt and prevents corrosion. At 22”, this model is slender enough to fit in rooms with limited wall-to-wall room and can be installed with an additional unit on bins 44” wide and above. Hoshizaki’s Cyclesaver design helps reduce energy usage and the EverCheck alert system shuts down the ice machine and alerts users to any problems.

Hoshizaki’s KM series ice machines make their popular Crescent ice style. Crescent ice is designed to melt slowly and save business owners money in lost product. Each cube is solid and clear so drinks keep their flavor. The crescent design allows liquid to flow over the cube rather than bounce against them, which can cause product to splash out of the glass.