Hoshizaki KM-901


905 lbs/day

The KM-901 crescent ice maker from Hoshizaki is a great choice for mid-sized businesses. Under standard operating temperatures, this unit produces 800 lbs of ice a day. Under optimal air and water conditions, this model produces up to 905 lbs of ice a day. The KM-901 measures 30″ wide and 37″ tall, so it’s able to fit on most commercial ice storage bins on the market.

All KM models produce crescent ice cubes individually to eliminate bridging common in other ice machine models. The stainless-steel exterior prevents corrosion and is easy to clean.

Crescent cubes are incredibly popular in many businesses. They’re crystal clear and slow melting which helps drinks retain their flavor. Since more cubes can fit in a glass than with square cubes, drinks appear fuller and more appealing.